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The Pros and Cons of using Python for Web Development

Python is an interpreted, object - oriented and high - level programming language with dynamic semantics. High level build in Data structure linked with dynamic typing an binding helps us to make Rapid Application Development's Language.

Python is simple language, easy to learn, and readability reduces the program maintenance cost.

Below are features of Python:

  • Easy to code and Read

  • High-Level Programming Language

  • Object-Oriented

  • Expressive

  • Portable

  • Free & Open Source

  • Interpreted

  • Extensible in C++ & C

  • Embeddable

  • Dynamically Typed

  • Large & Standard Library

  • GUI programming

Advantages for Web Development

Easy to use and Read

Python is easy to read and developers face less difficulty in understanding the code. The Make Web Development process easy and fast. The simplicity of syntax enables you to deal with complex system and ensure that all the elements have clear link with each other.

Less-Limited Programming Approach

It has multiple paradigms and supports many programming styles including procedural, object oriented and functional. This python programming language is suitable for startups.

Easy Accessible/ Open Source

Python is an open source language. This language is accessible to all the users and aids in redistribution and free modification. Web developers can use this language freely and contribute its improvement

Application Scripting

Python is embeddable which is used to customize the large apps and making extensions. Thanks to Python’s strong integration with C, C++, and Java, it can run handy application scripting

Asynchronous Coding

Its is easy to write and maintain asynchronous code in python as there is no deadlocks, research contention or other issues. Each code unit run separately and allow to handle different situations and problem faster.


The language’s agility allows easy code refactoring and rapid development of the initial prototype into the final product.

Server Side Scripting

Web Development for server side is easy because of it simplicity. This allow to execute the program algorithm based on user actions. This also supports graphical user interface which is very important in web development.

Disadvantages for Web Development

Design Restrictions

It execute specific tasks during app runtime. It put restrictions on design, if your design contains elements , it might delay the program and prevent smooth operation.

Speed Limitation

It is interpreted script language that make the language slower than C/C++ and java because of its code's translation method.

Lack of multiprocessor support

Multiprocessing is an integral part of writing an application. The language does support multiprocessing, but you will not find it as flexible as the other programming language. There are certain limitations when you write code in it.

Not for Memory-Intensive Tasks

Python is known for its data type flexibility. This needs reasonably high memory consumption and makes the language inconvenient for memory-intensive tasks.

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