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Best Python Courses for Every Learner

Python has emerged as a powerhouse in programming languages, coveted for its simplicity, versatility, and robustness. Whether you're a novice looking to dip your toes into the coding world or a seasoned developer aiming to expand your skill set, finding the right Python course is key to unlocking your full potential. This article explores the Online Python courses available, catering to beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

Python's popularity stems from its wide range of applications, from web development and data science to machine learning and automation. As such, the demand for comprehensive Python courses has surged, with platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and edX offering options to cater to every learning style and proficiency level.

Join us as we explore some of the best Python courses available across various platforms, helping you embark on your journey to Python proficiency.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

1. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Duration - 18 hours

Level - Beginners

Price- Free

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)" offered by the University of Michigan on Coursera is renowned as one of the best Python courses. The course introduces learners to the fundamentals of programming using Python, covering Chapters 1-5 of the textbook "Python for Everybody". By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in Python programming, enabling them to pursue more advanced programming courses.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner


What you'll learn

  • Install Python and write your first program

  • Describe the basics of the Python programming language

  • Use variables to store, retrieve, and calculate information

  • Utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops

Topics covered:

  • The importance of writing programs

  • Installing Python

  • How programs utilize computer memory for information processing

  • Transitioning from sequential code to conditional code

  • Understanding functions and their usage

  • Implementing loops and iteration


  • Shareable career certificate upon completion

  • Includes 5 quizzes for comprehensive learning

  • Available in 22 languages for global accessibility

2. Python 3 Programming: Your Beginners Guide to Basic Python Code

Duration - 1 hour and 54 minutes

Level - All level

Price- Free

"Python 3 Programming: Your Beginner Guide to Basic Python Code" on Skillshare is a comprehensive course designed for beginners to learn Python 3 from scratch. Taught by Matthew Dewey, this course equips learners with fundamental concepts and syntax of Python 3, empowering them to utilize Python for diverse tasks such as web scraping, data analysis, and automation. With access to exercises and quizzes, students can assess their understanding and reinforce their knowledge.

Best Python Courses

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Beginner Python 3

  • PyCharm Download and Installation

  • Data types and variables

  • Retrieve user input and convert data

  • If Statements, Nested if statements, and additional operators

  • Math Methods

  • Text Methods

  • While and For loop


  • Beginner-friendly course with clear explanations and examples

  • Opportunities for small projects to practice Python skills

  • Utilizes PyCharm as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and running Python code

3. Introduction to Python Programming

Duration - 1 hour and 12 minutes

Level - Beginners

Price- Free

"Introduction to Python Programming" on Udemy is a beginner-friendly course that teaches Python programming basics. Avinash Jain, CEO, and Founder of TheCodex, an online educational platform, leads this course. You'll learn to write and run Python code in different setups, understand built-in data structures and modules, create functions and classes, and handle errors.

Best Python Courses

what you will learn

  • Understand the basics of Python, like variables, data types, and how to write code

  • Learn to write and run Python programs using tools like IDEs or text editors

  • Get confident with control flow, making decisions, and using loops in Python

  • Discover important data structures and methods for solving problems in Python

Topics to be covered:

  • Using variables and doing multiple assignments

  • Doing math with operators and working with text (strings)

  • Getting to know lists, dictionaries, and tuples

  • Making decisions with if statements

  • Looping with for loops and while loops

  • Dealing with errors using try and except

  • Creating and using your own functions

  • Using pre-made Python functions

  • Understanding class inheritance


  • It's a short and free course

  • Exercises are included to help you practice, with solutions provided

4. Django 3 - Python Backend Web Development For Beginner

Duration - 40.5 hours

Level - Beginners

Price - 449 (Subject to change)

This course equips beginners with everything they need to build websites using Python, Django, and other essential web technologies. Whether switch careers, enhance your skills, start your own business, or learn something new, this course is tailored for you. You'll learn the latest techniques for developing impressive web applications using Python 3.8.3 and Django 3. From setting up Python and Django to creating three different Django projects from scratch, this comprehensive course serves as a valuable resource as you embark on your journey to becoming a web developer.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

What you will learn:

  • Setting up and installing Python

  • Setting up and installing Django

  • Creating dynamic websites

  • Understanding Django Views, URLs, and Templates

  • Creating Projects and Applications in Django

  • Working with Django Models and Forms

  • Utilizing Template Filters and Inheritance

  • Performing CRUD operations using MySQL

  • Implementing User Authentication

  • Exploring Class-Based Views

  • Building a Blog Project with Django

  • Developing a Social Media Project with Django

  • Creating an E-commerce Project with Django

Topic to be covered:

  • Introduction to Django

  • Installation and setup of Python and Django, including changing ports and installing necessary packages

  • Exploring Django fundamentals to build dynamic websites

  • Creating new Django projects and applications

  • Understanding Views, URLs, URL mapping, templates, and static files in Django

  • Working with Django models and creating models

  • Using Django forms, including form submission and validation

  • Understanding template filters and inheritance

  • Connecting to a MySQL database, creating migrations, and working with templates and views

  • Implementing User Authentication

  • Exploring Class-Based Views

  • Developing a blog, a social media website, and an e-commerce website with Django


  • Access to 3 articles and 6 downloadable resources

  • Accessible on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course

5. CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Duration - 10 weeks | 3-9 hours per week

Level - Beginners

Price - Free

CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python is designed to introduce beginners to programming using Python. No additional software is required, though you can also write code on your PC or Mac.

Best Python Courses

Topics to be covered:

  • Functions and variables

  • Conditionals

  • Loops

  • Exceptions

  • Libraries

  • Unit tests

  • File I/O

  • Regular Expressions

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Et Cetera


  • Progress at your own speed

  • Professional certificate in computer science for Python programming

  • professiona certificate in Learning Python for Data Science

6. IBM AI Engineering

Duration - 2 months | 10 hours a week

Level - Intermediate

Price - Free

IBM AI Engineering offers a comprehensive 6-course Professional Certificate to prepare you for an AI or ML engineer. You'll delve into fundamental machine learning and deep learning, utilizing popular programming languages like Python. Through hands-on projects, you'll apply machine learning and deep learning techniques to real-world industry problems, covering object recognition, computer vision, text analytics, and recommender systems.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

What you'll learn

  • Understand machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and various ML algorithms.

  • Implement supervised and unsupervised machine learning models using SciPy and ScikitLearn.

  • Deploy machine learning algorithms on Apache Spark.

  • Build deep learning models using Keras, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

Content to be covered:

  • Machine learning with Python

  • Types of machine learning algorithms and their applications

  • Deep learning and neural networks with Keras

  • Introduction to computer vision and image processing

  • Deep neural networks with PyTorch

  • Building deep learning models with TensorFlow

  • AI Capstone Project with deep learning


  • Earn a shareable certificate upon completion

  • Available in 22 languages

7. Python for Data Science, AI and development

Duration - 25 hours approximately

Level - Beginners Level

Price - Free

"Python for Data Science, AI, and Development" is an introductory course designed to take you from zero to programming in Python in just a few hours, with no prior programming experience required. You'll dive into Python basics, covering different data types, Python data structures like lists and tuples, and logic concepts such as conditions and branching. Utilizing Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Beautiful Soup, you'll learn how to perform tasks such as data collection and web scraping with APIs. Through hands-on labs using Jupyter Notebooks, you'll practice and apply what you learn, gaining confidence in creating basic programs, working with data, and automating real-world tasks using Python. This course caters to individuals interested in Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Development, Data Engineering, AI, DevOps, and various other job roles.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

Topics to be covered:

  • Python Basics: Explore data types, mathematical operations, variables, and string manipulation.

  • Python Data Structures: Learn about lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets for storing data collections.

  • Python Programming Fundamentals: Understand conditions, loops, functions, exception handling, and classes.

  • Working with Data in Python: Read and write files, manipulate data, and perform mathematical operations using Python libraries.

  • APIs and Data Collection: Collect data using APIs and web scraping techniques, and handle data in different file formats.


  • 22 assignments for hands-on practice

  • Shareable certificate upon completion

8. Learn Intermediate Python

Duration - 2 months (10 hours/ week)

Level - Intermediate

Price- Rs 20,500 per month (month-to-month) | Rs 69,700 (4 months)

Learn Intermediate Python" is a continuation of Udacity's Introductory Python course, focusing on intermediate-level concepts and skills in Python programming. Throughout this course, you'll delve into Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, design patterns, common data structures, algorithms, regular expressions for text processing, decorators, generators, and more.


  1. Basic understanding of Python and control flow

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Advanced Python Techniques

  • Representing Data

  • Functions and Functional Programming

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • File I/O

  • Writing, structuring, and extending code to support large-scale development

  • Leveraging open-source libraries to add advanced functionality

  • Packaging code into custom libraries

  • Applying Object-Oriented Programming for modular, clear, and understandable code

  • Introduction to the Unix shell for developers


  • Real-world projects demonstrating Python proficiency

  • Access to real-time support, career services, and flexible learning options

  • Assistance in improving LinkedIn and GitHub profiles

9. Deep Learning for beginners with Python

Duration - 21 hours

Price - Rs 449 (Subject to change)

Level - Beginners

"Deep Learning for Beginners with Python" is a comprehensive course that introduces you to the latest advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence using Python. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this course equips you with foundational concepts and practical skills essential for building and deploying deep learning models.

Best Python Courses for Every Learner

What you'll learn

  • Basics of the Python programming language

  • Foundational concepts of deep learning and neural networks

  • Building Neural Networks from scratch using Python

  • Advanced techniques in deep learning with TensorFlow 2.0

  • Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for image classification and object detection

  • Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) for sequential data like time series and natural language processing

  • Generative adversarial networks (GANs) for generating new data samples

  • Transfer learning in deep learning

  • Reinforcement learning and its applications in AI

  • Deployment options for deep learning models

  • Applications of deep learning in AI, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition

  • Current and future trends in deep learning and AI, along with ethical and societal implications

Topics to be covered:

  • Deep learning environmental setup

  • Introduction to Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow

  • End-to-end deep learning project

  • Introduction to computer vision with deep learning

  • Convolutional neural networks

  • Image classification projects with Simple CNN

  • Building cats and dogs classifier with regularized CNN

  • Flowers classification with Transfer learning and CNN

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects

  • IMDB reviews sentiment prediction with CNN

  • Time Series Data Analysis with LSTM


  • Access to 1 article and 1 downloadable resource

  • Accessible on mobile and TV

10. Professional Certificate in Python Data Science - IBM

Duration -6 months | 3-5 hours per week

Level - All Level

Price - Rs 43,087

The Professional Certificate in Python Data Science offered by IBM on edX is a comprehensive program that equips you with the skills to use Python for data science and machine learning. Throughout this course, you'll learn to utilize Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Scikit-learn for data analysis, visualization, manipulation, modeling, and evaluation. Additionally, you'll gain proficiency in using IBM Watson Studio to create and deploy data science projects.

Best Python Courses

What you will learn

  • Understand Python language basics and their application to data science.

  • Practice iterative data science using Jupyter Notebooks on IBM Cloud.

  • Analyze data using Python libraries like Pandas and NumPy.

  • Create stunning data visualizations with Matplotlib, Folium, and Seaborn.

  • Build machine learning models using SciPy and Scikit-learn.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in solving real-life data science problems.

Topics to be covered:

  • Python basics for data science

  • Data science project

  • Analyzing data with Python

  • Visualizing Data with Python

  • Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project


  • Self-paced

  • Expert instructions

11. Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

Duration -10 hours

Level - Intermediate

Price - Rs 3699

Python for Data Analysis and Visualization on Udemy is designed to cover three key areas to enhance your Python skills. Firstly, you'll master core Python3 essentials, setting the foundation for understanding the libraries introduced in the course. Next, you'll delve into data analysis and manipulation using NumPy and Pandas. Finally, you'll learn to visualize data with Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly Express. Throughout the course, you'll work with Jupyter Notebooks as part of the Anaconda Distribution, the popular Python IDE.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Python3 essentials

  • Data Analysis Libraries: NumPy and Pandas

  • Data Visualization Libraries: Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly Express

  • Data analysis and visualization techniques

  • Jupyter Notebooks IDE and Anaconda Distribution

Topics to be covered:

  • Python overview

  • Control flow and loops

  • Functions

  • Models, packages, and libraries (NumPy, Pandas)

  • Data visualization with matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly Express


  • 16 coding exercises

  • 1 practice test

  • 22 articles

  • 1 downloadable resource

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion

12. Complete Python Developer

Duration -30.5 hours

Level - Beginners to intermediate

Price - Rs 3699

The Complete Python Developer course on Udemy is a comprehensive and project-based program that introduces you to the modern skills of a Python developer (Python 3). Throughout the course, you'll build over 12 real-world projects, giving valuable additions to your portfolio. You'll gain access to all the code from these projects, allowing you to showcase them immediately.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Become a professional Python Developer and get hired

  • Become a professional Python Developer and increase your employability

  • Master modern Python 3.11 fundamentals and advanced topics

  • Learn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming

  • Build 12+ real-world Python projects

  • Use Python in Web Development

  • Learn Machine Learning with Python and build a Machine Learning Model

  • Analyze and Visualize Data for Data Science projects

  • Build a professional Portfolio Website

  • Process Images, CSVs, PDFs, and other Files using Python

  • Develop a Web Scraper with Python and BeautifulSoup

  • Use Python to send Emails and SMS

  • Build a Twitter bot with Python

  • Test, Debug, and Handle Errors in Python programs

  • Write clean, performant, and bug-free code following best practices

  • Use Selenium and Python for Automation

  • Set up a professional workspace with Jupyter Notebooks, PyCharm, VS Code, and more

Topics to be covered:

  • Python introduction and basics

  • Python installation (Windows, Linux) and developer tools (Sublime Text, PyCharm, Jupyter Notebooks)

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Functional Programming

  • Decorators, Errors, and Error Handling

  • Generators, Modules

  • Debugging, File I/O, Regular Expressions, Testing

  • Scripting, Data Scraping, Web Development, Automation, Testing

  • Machine Learning and Data Science


  • 1 coding exercise

  • 63 articles

  • 23 downloadable resources

  • Certificate of completion

13. Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Projects

Duration -51.5 hours

Level - Intermediate to advanced

Price - Rs 4499

The Python Mega Course on Udemy is designed to transform you from a beginner to a confident Python programmer in just 60 days. Whether starting from scratch or looking to enhance your programming skills, this comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about Python. You can complete the course content within the recommended timeframe of 60 days or at your own pace.

Best Python Courses

What You’ll Learn

  • Master Python from beginner to advanced level through real-world examples

  • Build industry-ready Python applications from scratch and deploy them for real users

  • Acquire practical programming skills, tricks, and tools required by companies

  • Explore major Python topics including machine learning, data science, and web development

  • Learn about OOP, APIs, SQL, Git, GUIs, Flask, Django, Bootstrap, ML, AI, and more

  • Develop Python web apps, a movie recommendation system, data visualization dashboards, desktop GUIs, and more

Topics to be covered:

  • Python Basics and Beyond the Basics

  • Fixing Programming Errors

  • Data Analysis with Pandas

  • Numpy

  • Graphical User Interfaces with Tkinter

  • Interacting with Databases with Python

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Python for Image and Video Processing with OpenCV

  • Interactive Data Visualization with Python

  • Web scraping with BeautifulSoup


  • 90 articles,

  • 120 downloadable resources,

  • 55 coding exercise

  • Certificate of completion

14. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

Duration - 25 hours

Level - Intermediate

Price - Rs 4499 (subject to change)

This comprehensive Udemy course serves as a guide to harnessing the power of Python for data analysis, creating visually appealing visualizations, and implementing potent machine learning algorithms. Data Science is a highly sought-after field, with Data Scientists consistently ranked as the number one job on platforms like Glassdoor. This course is designed for beginners with programming experience and experienced developers aiming to transition into Data Science.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Utilize Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Employ Spark for Big Data Analysis

  • Implement Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Use NumPy for Numerical Data

  • Use Pandas for Data Analysis

  • Utilize Matplotlib for Python Plotting

  • Leverage Seaborn for statistical plots

  • Utilize Plotly for interactive dynamic visualizations

  • Apply SciKit-Learn for Machine Learning Tasks

  • Learn various Machine Learning techniques including Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Random Forest and Decision Trees, K-means clustering, Support Vector Machines, and Neural Networks

Topics to be covered

  • Python Environment setup

  • Introduction to Jupyter notebooks

  • Introduction to Python

  • Introduction to NumPy, arrays, array indexing, and numpy operations

  • Introduction to pandas

  • SF salaries solutions

  • Matplotlib

  • Seaborn, matrix plot, regression plot, categorical plots

  • Pandas built-in data visualization

  • Plotly and cufflinks

  • Geographical plotting

  • Introduction to machine learning, machine learning with Python

  • Linear regression

  • Cross-validation and Bias-variance trade-off

  • Logistic regression, K nearest neighbors

  • Decision trees and random forests

  • Support vector machines, k-means clustering, principal component analysis

  • Recommender systems

  • Natural language processing

  • Neural nets and deep learning

  • Big data and spark with Python


  • 13 articles

  • 5 downloadable resources

  • certificate of completion

  • Access on Mobile and TV

15. Generative AI with Large Language Models

Duration- 16 hours

Price - Free

Level - Intermediate

Best Python Courses

Who is this course for

  • Data scientists: Understand how to make AI-generated text and explore new ideas in AI.

  • Machine learning engineers: Improve your skills in training and fine-tuning AI models.

  • Prompt engineers: Learn advanced techniques for controlling AI-generated text.

  • Research engineers: Explore cutting-edge AI models and develop your methods.

  • Anyone curious about AI: Get a thorough introduction to creating AI-generated text.

What you will learn

  • Understand how AI creates text and its real-world applications.

  • Explore the latest advancements in AI and how companies use them.

  • Learn from experienced AI practitioners who build and deploy AI in business.

Topics to be covered

  • How AI creates text, project workflow, and model training.

  • Refining and evaluating AI models for text generation.

  • Using AI for tasks like reinforcement learning and text-powered applications.


This course is for intermediate learners. You should know some Python coding and the basics of machine learning, such as how data is split for training and testing.


  • Get a certificate to share your achievement.

  • Complete 3 practical assignments.

  • Available in 21 languages.

16. Master Scientific Computing in Python with NumPy

Duration - 5.5 hours

Level - Intermediate

Price - Rs 3699

Are you eager to dive into scientific computing with Python? This course will guide you through mastering NumPy, a powerful Python library essential for scientific computing, machine learning, image processing, and more. If you're interested in data science or want to explore topics like linear algebra and image manipulation, this course is perfect.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Confidently work with vectors and matrices in NumPy.

  • Perform basic operations such as sorting, calculating means, and finding max/min values.

  • Create and customize line plots, bar plots, and scatterplots.

  • Generate various types of random vectors.

  • Modify and reshape matrices efficiently.

  • Use Boolean indexing and advanced slicing techniques.

  • Perform basic linear algebra operations like solving linear systems and calculating inverses.

  • Understand the inner workings of ndarrays to optimize code performance.

  • Apply Fourier transforms for image and audio manipulation.

  • Dive into advanced linear algebra concepts like the QR decomposition and partial least squares.

  • Preserve NumPy objects in different formats and understand their applications in neighboring libraries.


  • Basic knowledge of mathematics, including linear algebra and complex numbers.

  • Familiarity with Python variables, lists, and functions.

Topics to be covered:

  • Setting up Python and importing NumPy.

  • Working with vectors: creation, operations, slicing, and aggregate functions.

  • Universal functions, plotting techniques, and generating random integers.

  • Matrix manipulation, attributes, reshaping, and boolean matrices.

  • Broadcasting, advanced indexing, and linear algebra basics.

  • Handling higher-dimensional arrays, complex numbers, and Fourier transforms.

  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, matrix types, and advanced linear algebra operations.

  • Loading and saving data files, and utilizing NumPy objects in various formats.

  • Exploring neighboring libraries and understanding NumPy's role in the Python data science ecosystem.


  • Engage in 16 coding exercises to reinforce learning.

  • Access 1 informative article.

  • Utilize 34 downloadable resources.

  • Earn a certificate of completion.

  • Access the course on mobile and TV platforms.

17. Python & Django | The Complete Django Web Development Course

Duration - 17 hours

Level - Intermediate

Price- Rs 2999 (Subject to change)

Welcome to The Complete Django Web Development Course, the most comprehensive Django course available. In this course, you'll master all the fundamental concepts of Django development using the latest Django 4.0 version. This meticulously crafted course will transform you from a beginner to a skilled Django developer.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Create fully functional websites using Django 4

  • Learn full-stack web development

  • Master the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Develop proficiency in Python programming

  • Understand core concepts of web development

  • Implement good programming practices and paradigms

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to Django and web development fundamentals

  • Python syntax, variables, data types, control structures, functions, and classes

  • Setting up Python environment and Django project structure

  • Django views, templates, static assets, and user authentication

  • Working with models, signals, media files, and form handling

  • URL parameters, class-based views, and data manipulation

  • Custom form widgets, asynchronous operations, and email integration

  • Connecting Django to PostgreSQL database and deploying to Heroku

  • Handling static files, production server setup, and bug-fixing


  • Access to 1 informative article

  • Mobile and TV accessibility

  • Certificate of completion

18. Machine Learning with Python

Duration - 12 hours

Level - Intermediate

Price- Free

Embark on your journey into Machine Learning with this comprehensive course. Whether you're looking to advance your career in Data Science or dive into Machine Learning and Deep Learning, this course is designed for you. Starting with a gentle introduction to Machine Learning, you'll explore concepts such as supervised vs. unsupervised learning, linear and non-linear regression, simple regression, and more.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Understand the various types of Machine Learning algorithms and their applications

  • Compare and contrast linear classification methods including multiclass prediction, support vector machines, and logistic regression

  • Implement classification techniques using Python, including K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), decision trees, and regression trees

  • Evaluate regression models' performance using evaluation metrics

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to machine learning: Explore the advantages of using Python libraries for implementing Machine Learning models.

  • Regression: Learn about Linear, Non-linear, Simple, and Multiple regression, their applications, and how to evaluate regression models.

  • Classification: Understand different classification algorithms like KNN, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, and SVM, along with their pros, cons, and accuracy metrics.

  • Clustering: Dive into k-means clustering for customer segmentation and understand how the k-means clustering algorithm works.


  • Access to 11 quizzes to reinforce your learning

  • Develop job-relevant skills with hands-on projects

  • Earn a shareable career certificate from IBM

  • Engage in project-based learning to apply what you've learned

19. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate by Google

Duration - 6 months | 10 hours a week

Price - Free

Level - Beginners

Become proficient in automating IT tasks using Python with the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate. This course equips you with the skills to streamline common operations such as file management, data parsing, and API usage. You'll also learn version control with Git and GitHub, troubleshoot complex issues, and implement automation at scale with configuration management and cloud computing.

Best Python Courses

What you'll learn

  • Automate tasks efficiently using Python scripts

  • Utilize Git and GitHub for version control in collaborative projects

  • Manage IT resources at scale, both physical and virtual, in cloud environments

  • Analyze and solve real-world IT problems using appropriate strategies

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Python: Master the basics of Python programming.

  • Using Python to Interact with the Operating System: Set up, configure, and utilize your developer environment, manipulate files and processes, and leverage regular expressions for text processing.

  • Introduction to Git and GitHub: Understand version control, install Git, and collaborate on projects using GitHub.

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques: Analyze and solve IT issues efficiently, identify common pitfalls in code, and resolve root causes of infrastructure problems.

  • Configuration Management and the Cloud: Learn about configuration management, containers, and infrastructure as code, and deploy changes in cloud environments following CI/CD principles.

  • Automating Real-World Tasks with Python: Employ external libraries, interact with web services using APIs, use data serialization for inter-program communication, and build practical solutions.


  • Receive a single Python course with a 6-course certificate.

  • Obtain a shareable certificate upon completion.

  • Gain professional-level training directly from Google.

  • Earn an employer-recognized certificate validating your skills.


The world of Python offers a plethora of opportunities for learning and growth. With the best Python courses online, learners can master everything from basic programming to advanced data science and machine learning. These courses provide comprehensive instruction, hands-on projects, and expert guidance, empowering individuals to excel in various fields. By investing in these top-tier resources, students can acquire the skills needed to succeed in today's tech-driven landscape and unlock endless personal and professional development.

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