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Program to Count the Number of Vowels in String in Python

Program to Count the Number of vowels we’re going to check how many vowels are present in a given String . There are five vowels– a, e, i, o, u.


Step 1:- Start.

Step 2:- Take user input.

Step 3:- Initialize count variable.

Step 4:- Iterate through the string to find number of vowels.

Step 5:- Check if the alphabet of the string lies under the group of vowels.

Step 6:- If TRUE increment count by 1.

Step 7:- Print count.

Step 8:- End.

Flow Chart

String = input('Enter the string :')
count = 0

String = String.lower()
for i in String:
    if i == 'a' or i == 'e' or i == 'i' or i == 'o' or i == 'u':
        #if True

if count == 0:
    print('No vowels found')
    print('Total vowels are :' + str(count))


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