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Best Screen Recorder Tools in Windows 11

In this article, we will learn about the best screen recorder tools in Windows 11.

What is Screen Recorder?

A screen recorder is a program that allows you to make a video recording of what is happening on your computer screen. Apart from capturing the screen, such programs can have many other functions.

Here are some of the most important features a screen recorder can have:

  • Selection of the capture area. Basic screen recorders only allow grabbing the entire screen. But many programs offer to select the area of the screen that you’d like to capture. You can specify the region for capture manually or automatically select a window or a browser tab to be recorded.

  • Webcam capture. Depending on the program, you can choose to include the image from your webcam in the recording or record your webcam alone.

  • Audio capture. Screen recorders let you grab the sound from your microphone and the internal sound of your computer.

  • Showing keystrokes and cursor. Some screen recorders can boast advanced features like highlighting your mouse cursor and showing your keyboard on the recording.

  • Editing. Editing options may vary, but the most popular are drawing and writing on your video, trimming, and cutting out unwanted fragments.

  • Export formats. Most screen recorders save recordings in MP4 by default. Some programs offer more formats for output.

  • Sharing. Some screen recorders allow you to share your recording directly from the app.

Best Screen Recorder Tools in Windows 11

1. Screen Recorder 4

This screen recording tool has a wide range of capturing and editing features. You can record for gameplay, YouTube, vlog, or business meetings. There is a free version that offers tools for your screen recording. Screen Recorder 4 offers the features like Tiles and Transitions, Real-Time webcam and Mic preview, Video overlay for brand logos and watermarks, etc.,


  1. Simple video editing

  2. User friendly

  3. Customized keys


  1. Not available on Mac / IOS

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free and open-source software. This software is best for live streaming in which you can mix video and audio simultaneously. It also offers features such as window capture, text, images, webcams, capture cards, gaming consoles, etc.,


  1. Unlimited video length

  2. High-quality live streaming and recording


  1. Difficult to learn if you are a beginner

  2. It is outdated software

  3. Complex user interface

3. Camtasia

Camtasia software is best for Business Presentations or for Training materials. It has PowerPoint integration so that you can make your static presentation into a video. Camtasia has lots of tools to make how-to videos and presentations look sleek and professional, like cursor effects, arrows, lower thirds, and sketch motion to draw attention to the important parts of your screen.

This editing tool helps you to create, delete, trim or move sections of video and audio with a simple drag-and-drop feature.


  1. Tutorials

  2. Free upgrades for licenses

  3. Latest versions


  1. Expensive if you are taking a business license

4. Screencastify

Screencastify software is much suitable for Teachers. You can add pre-recorded presentations and educational videos to their lesson. You can also add questions to keep viewers engaged and get real-time responses. You can merge, re-arrange and zoom on the clips of the video.


  1. More export options for the video

  2. Streamlined interface


  1. 5 min maximum video length

  2. Less live streaming capabilities

5. ShareX

ShareX software captures both videos and photos. A helpful tool for anyone who needs to incorporate hard-to-get screenshots into a presentation, or someone who uses a lot of screenshots and doesn’t have the time to edit each one. Capture methods for recording and capturing images include fullscreen, active window, active monitor, region, last region, custom region, scrolling capture, text capture, screen record GIF, and more.


  1. Lightweight and free

  2. Variety of export options


  1. Good for advanced people but complicated for beginners

  2. No webcam recording, video editing, or live streaming

6. Flashback

Flashback software is best for beginners. We have two versions - Pro and Express. Express is free and Pro gives you a free trial. Buying Flashback Pro will give you editing features and the ability to save in any format. Flashback Express is a screen recording software with no time constraints or watermarks but lacks any video editing tools.


  1. Best suitable for beginners

  2. Free versions have no time limits and watermarks


  1. No live streaming

  2. Not much tools and features

How to choose a Screen Recorder

If you need to simply record the screen then you can choose free software. If you need additional features such as trimming, drawing, or live streaming then you can choose the advanced and powerful one. There are a few things to consider when choosing a screen recorder.

  • Features. First, you need to consider what features you need. Do you want to record your screen in HD? Do you need to record audio as well? Be sure to choose a program that has the features you need.

  • Interface. You should consider how easy the program is to use. Some programs are more complicated than others. If you are new to screen recording, you may want to choose a program that has a simple interface.

  • Support. Find out what kind of support the program offers. If you run into trouble, will there be someone available to help you?

  • Compatibility. Make sure the program is compatible with your operating system. Not all programs work with all operating systems, so be sure to check before you download!

  • Reviews. One more thing to consider is what other people are saying about the program. Checking reviews can help you see the upsides and downsides of a particular program.

  • Price. Of course, you also need to consider the price. Some programs are free, while others come with a subscription or one-time fee. Choose what works best for you and your budget.

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