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What is the Difference Between ATX and BTX Motherboard

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

ATX Motherboard

Advance Technology eXtended or ATX is the most common form factor of a motherboard in the computer world. But this was not the case until 1995. Before ATX became a standard form factor, motherboards used to come with Advanced Technology (AT) design.


  • It is a digital ignition, that is, it has a button instead of a mechanical switch like its predecessors.

  • Some models integrate a rear mechanical switch to avoid unnecessary consumption of electrical energy, preventing the standby state during which they consume minimal amounts of electricity.

  • These types of sources are integrated from the Intel® Pentium MMX microprocessor equipment to the equipment with the most modern microprocessors.

  • The shutdown of this type of sources can manipulate with software.

BTX Motherboard

Balanced Technology eXtended is a form factor of the motherboard that was introduced by Intel in 2004. It was designed to replace the de facto standard – ATX.


  • Supporting Low-profile, that is, narrow plate design, the system structure will be more compact;

  • For the movement of heat dissipation and air flow, the circuit layout of the motherboard has been optimized;

  • The installation of the motherboard will be easier, and the mechanical performance will also be optimized.

Difference between the ATX and BTX Motherboard.



Advanced Technology Extended

Balanced Technology Extended

ATX was first introduced in 1995 by Intel

It was Introduced in late 2004 by Intel

The size of the motherboard is 305 x 244mm

The Size of the motherboard is 325 x 267mm

ATX is less costly than BTX

BTX is more costly than ATX because of the utilities and features it provides

ATX Board Design and Components location block airflow, thus less cooling

BTX has better airflow, hence gives more cooling

Input / Output ports are at the top of the board

Input / Output ports are below the board

ATX is the successor of AT design and is currently the de facto standard of the motherboard.

BTX was initially introduced to replace ATX but couldn’t succeed in doing so.

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