Set-SPListAudienceTargeting PowerShell Cmdlet


A custom powershell cmdlet which is used to enable the Audience Targeting for the SharePoint 2010 list.


Custom Powershell cmdlet to enable the Audience targeting.

Set-SPListAudienceTargeting [-url] <String> [-ListName] <String> -Enabled <String>


Detailed Description

The Set-SPListAudienceTargeting cmdlet is used to enable the Audience targeting for the list.


Set-SPListAudienceTargeting http://sitename/sites/test -ListName "Shared Documents" –Enabled true

This example enables the audience targeting for the list.

Register the cmdlet:

  • Unzip the source code.

  • Go to the installer folder.

  • Run Install.bat.

  • anavijai.SP2010.PowerShell.dll will be installed in the gac.

  • Go to 14\CONFIG\POWERSHELL\Registration and check whether anavijaiSP2010Cmdlet.xml is available.

  • Run "SharePoint 2010 Management Shell" as administrator.

  • Check whether the cmdlet is registered by executing the following commands.

o Get-Command Set-SPListAudienceTargeting o Help SPListSettings