Power BI Best Practices - Part One


In this article, we will talk about best practices to be considered while we are working with Power BI report development. I have divided best practices into the following three parts. We will talk about all individual concepts step-by-step.

During the entire series of the best practices, we will cover the following concepts:

  • Best Practices for Power BI (. PBIX) file preparation (Part – 1)

  • Best Practices for Power BI (. PBIX) Properties (Part – 1)

  • Best Practices to use Query Editors (Part – 1)

  • Best Practices for Tables and Relationship (Part – 2)

  • Best Practices for creating Calculated Columns, measures, and Fields (Part – 2)

  • Best Practices for Data Analytical Expressions (Part – 2)

  • How to make Documentation within PBIX file (Part – 3)

  • Best Practices for Power BI Report Design (Part – 3)