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Overview Of Power BI Embedded - Step By Step - Part One


In this article, we will talk about how we can embed Power BI reports with any third party or ISVs type of application.

I have divided this article into five different parts.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of Power BI Embedded.

Now, let’s get started!

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded offers independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers a way to quickly add stunning visuals, reports, and dashboards into their applications through a capacity-based, hourly metered model.

Power BI embedded provides  flexibility to the developers to embed Power BI report to any third-party application.

To start with Power BI embedded, Power BI provides us a different type of SDKs.

As per your convenience, you can use those SDKs.

Power BI provides SDK for,

In this series, we will talk about both the methods.

We will embed our Power BI report using ASP.Net SDK and JavaScript SDK as well.

What do we need for the Development of Power BI Embedded?

  • One Power BI Pro account

  • Azure AD to register an application

  • When we move to production, we need dedicated capacity so we need one Power BI Premium License

  • Azure subscription to create Azure App function.

For more information, you can refer the following article.

Register your Power BI application with Azure AD

There are two ways to register the Power BI application with Azure AD.

  1. Using Power BI portal

  2. Using Azure AD

We will talk more about these methods in the next article.


This is how we can start with Power BI Embedded.



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