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Top 12 Mac Apps for Developers 2022

Mac is one of the most loved platforms when it comes to supporting all the OS X developer tools. It is essential to have a proper set of tools to build all sorts of apps for iPhones, iPad, Apple TVs, or Apple Watch.

Here we have Top 12 Mac Apps for Developers 2022:

1. Transporter App(Free)

As the name suggests, Transporter helps to upload app on iTunes Connect. This includes sending apps, shows, or distributing books on Apple products, such as App Store. It is one of the best mac applications for developers.

Just drag and drop the content into Transporter to start. This speeds up the process of delivery, and upload multiple files simultaneously.


  • Asset tracking

  • Automatic updates

  • Easy to install and use

  • Progress indicator details

2. Postman (Free / Paid )

Postman is undoubtedly a powerful GUI platform and one of the best mac apps for programmers that simplifies each step of API development. This makes it faster and easier and helps with testing, documentation, & sharing.

Streamline collaboration to create better and faster APIs. Automated testing and developer onboarding are the use cases of Postman. It provides support for all APIs and schemas.


  • Create, send & save REST, SOAP, or GraphQL requests

  • East to manage cookies of various domains

  • Support multiple authorization protocols

3. Bitbucket (Free)

Bitbucket is the Git solution and helps in code management. It allows teams to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy.

Get the benefit from configuration as code and fast feedback loops. This is also best-in-class Jira & Trello integration and often used for code review.


  • Easy to pull requests with code reviews

  • 2 step verification requires

  • IP whitelisting

  • Merge Check

4. Appium (Free)

Appium is an open-source test automation framework and one of the top Mac apps for developers, used for native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It also ensures the drives of iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol.

Appium ensures the test of native apps without the requirement of an SDK or recompiling the app. It automates any mobile app from any language or a test framework, having full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code.


  • Automated testing of native, hybrid & mobile web apps

  • Supports multiple programming languages

  • Enables cross-platform testing on real devices

5. Homebrew (Free)

Homebrew is a free and open-source package manager that helps install UNIX tools, Mac terminal utilities, and graphical apps on Apple’s macOS. In short, Homebrew helps to include all the Homebrew Formulae exclusively for macOS. One of the advantages of using Homebrew is, it won’t install 3rd party prefix files, you have the flexibility to place the homebrew installation whenever you want to.

You can quickly download or install them and compile them from the source. Homebrew is highly recommended for its features, such as open-source, and integrate into the command line.


  • Creating a cask is as simple as creating a formula

  • It refuses to use sudo to intentionally be safer

  • Recommended for its ease of use

6. iTerm2 (Free)

iTerm2 is best known for the Apple terminal’s replacement, and it’s also a successor to iTerm. It can be used easily on Macs with macOS 10.14 or newer.

Additionally, it’s free and helps to manage work tirelessly. This Mac OSX developer tool is highly customizable to support various features of the operating system.


  • All matches are easily highlighted

  • Easy to divide a tab up to multiple panes

  • Paste history or save in your disk space

7. Sublime Text (Paid)

This is the right choice for the app developers to look for a fast and feature-packed text editor and development editor. Sublime Text is one of the best text editors for code, markup, and prose.

It is easy to write or edit in multiple places in a document simultaneously. It is swift to reach the editor’s functionality via the keyboard.


  • Best text and source code editor

  • Easy to make multiple changes at the same time

  • Powerful API and package ecosystem

8. Xcode(Free)

Xcode is a set of tools that makes it easy for the developer to build apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Xcode is an integrated development environment, supports various programming languages and provides a unified workflow for graphic user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging.


  • Interface builder built-in

  • Live Issues help to highlight coding mistakes

  • XCTest framework helps to build unit tests easily

8. Tower (Free / Paid)

Tower makes it easy to use Git client for Mac and pushes code to GitHub. This is easy to integrate with many other Mac OS developer tools. If you want to access Planio repositories via an intuitive GUI, it’s the most effective indispensable macOS developer tool.


  • Clone & create repos with a click

  • Drag & drop helps to perform many tasks

  • Work on multiple projects side-by-side

10. SourceTree (Free)

SourceTree is a free Git client, helpful for Mac and Windows. This desktop app simplifies the interaction with Git repositories and allows to focus on coding.


  • Create and clone repos from anywhere

  • Advanced features like patch handling, rebase, shelve, and cherry-picking

11. FlexiHub (Paid )

FlexiHub is a very common choice for developers who want to build software solutions for iOS devices. It is easy to share data from iPhones and iPads over the network and access from any remote machine.

A developer can easily connect to an iOS device without physically attached to the Mac.


  • Drag & drop interface

  • Data import/export

  • Activity Tracking

12. Sequel Pro (Free)

There are multiple benefits of using Sequel Pro; from its fast delivery to ease of using a Mac database management application that works really well with MySQL databases.

You are able to access MySQL Databases directly on local and remote servers. You can easily streamline the workflow with a native Mac OSX application. The installation is also easy. You just simply need to download and connect to your database.


  • Very easy to install and use

  • Clean and intuitive UI

  • Multiple server sessions and profiles

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