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How Mac is better than Windows for Programming?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

In this article, we have discussed how mac is better than Windows for programming.

When you choose a laptop for programming, it seems as though the internet is rife with opinion posts about which is better for what subject whether it be personal use, photo or video editing, web development, gaming, cat video playing, etc. Today, we take a look at whether Windows or Mac is better for programming. By the way, read this if you are unsure about a laptop or desktop for programming.'

Go for a Mac if you plan to program Apple devices-related apps and have the budget. Go for a Windows if you are under budget constraints or in need of Windows-specific tools.

The best MacBook for programming is an ideal device for coding. Apple's range of MacBooks combines powerful components and thin and light designs – so for coders who travel a lot, or want flexibility with where they work, then these are great choices.

What to look for when choosing MacBook for programming

  1. CPU. It would help if you had a great processor that runs quickly because your work depends on it a lot. The good processor starts from i7. All MacBooks above are even better.

  2. GPU. Graphics card is most important if you develop games. The level of GPU in Macs is so high that they don’t even add this parameter to the Quick Look comparison on the official website.

  3. RAM. Even simple coding requires a lot of memory, so don’t even try to start this with RAM of less than 8 GB. All new models of MacBooks have 16 + GB.

  4. Screen. As a user, you must pay attention to the screen’s size (it should start from 13′), the quality of the picture, and the tiring of your eyes. MacBook’s Retina displays are probably the best in all these requests.

  5. Battery. The battery should be as big as possible, but remember that it directly depends on CPU load, screen size, brightness, and other factors. Batteries of MacBooks start from 11 hours (16′) to 20 hours (13′). You must agree that it is enough for the workday and even for some movies in the evening.

  6. Ports. The design of MacBooks doesn’t provide a lot of ports. Some users complain about it, but you can buy an adapter to fix it. Apple believes in online storage and wireless connections, that’s why they don’t add a lot of ports.

  7. Storage. Nowadays, storage shouldn’t be huge, but it should be enough. High-quality photos, videos, and presentations compel us to have not less than 256 GB. MacBooks give you from 2 TB to 8 TB. It seems that they want you to save all your knowledge on your PC.

  8. Keyboard. This special paragraph is important for every Mac because the latest models have incomparable and comfortable keyboards that are impossible to compare with any other PC.

The three models of MacBook that you see below meet all the requirements of the list, but let’s add some specialties for each of them.

  • MacBook Pro (16-inch). The biggest and the most powerful of MacBooks that you will use for years because it accommodates all the newest technologies. The weaknesses are battery and price. When you see the price, you will probably be confused but know what to strive for.

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020). Powerful enough for any task. All Apple develops are present in this model. The screen is smaller but more comfortable for carrying. It has a huge battery and a pleasant price.

  • MacBook Air (2020). The cheapest of all models, but powerful with a good battery and a lot of other Apple features. Screen colors are muted a little, but it is not a problem. It will be a good choice for those who only start programming.

The Difference:


UNIX and LINUX are operating systems that are very important to programming. The reasons why the two platforms are ideal for programmers are: UNIX offers a lot of stability and flexibility and it is also very secure. Most of the websites we use and access on a regular basis are built on UNIX and Linux platforms based on these factors.

LINUX is a popular development operating system. LINUX can be run on both MAC and Windows machines to enable programming.

MAC run full-time on a UNIX-based operating system and they are thus more developer-friendly. With a UNIX-based command line, programming is easier as you are able to run programs in almost any language.

UNIX is also more secure by default compared to Windows. This is the reason why Macs tend to be safer against the tools that hackers use such as malware, Trojan horses, and viruses. To be on the safe side many developers prefer to work with Macs.

2. Mac Build Quality

Basically, it is easier to have a MAC repaired as it is easy to diagnose and find the issue using their built-in software. You do not have to worry much concerning technical issues with a MacBook and that is why developers prefer them in their work. No one desires to have their machine crashing on them with no warning and lose their work progress and personal data.

3. No interruptions while working

Another fact about the MacBook is that you get fewer interruptions while working. Sometimes we spend 8 – 15 hours straight coding and we experience zero interruptions. On the other side, Windows where various computer operations occasionally interrupt work. Developers need their full concentration while coding and the MacBook offer this luxury.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Working with MAC OS X, you are able to run all the major operating systems on your machine, which is a great advantage for programmers. It would be difficult to run OS X on a Windows laptop, and the only time that is possible is if you install hacked versions of OS X. MACs, on the other hand, can easily run Windows and even Linux on a virtual environment.

You’ll find tools available on Windows, while others are only available on MAC OS X. This brings the need to be able to switch between the different operating systems and that is why the MacBook is the preferred machine of choice for programmers.

It is impossible to create any programs for iOS or OS X using a Windows computer. Therefore, if you intend to develop for iOS or OS X at any point, then MAC is definitely the way to go.

5. Budget:

The main drawback to Mac for the first-time buyer is the price. Most new Macs range well over $2000 at the time of writing.

If you’re into programming as a career, Mac is definitely an option to consider for its programming ability and ease of use in certain stack development.

For casual programmers though, there are other, more budget-friendly, options available to you that will work for your purposes.

6. Stability Of O.S

While Windows is great for front-end development, for back-end developers, the platform can be a pain to use. You’ll be sitting through several hours of updates, drivers, installers, etc. to get a good system running but after that, you’ll find your development easier.

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