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Installation Of R In Power BI - Install R Engine - Part One


Power BI provides a flexibility to create your own custom visuals using R scripting.

In order to set up R, we need to install the following set up files in our machine.

Installation of R

1. You can download set up files for R engine using the following URL

2. Once the file is downloaded, run the set-up file.

3. Click Continue to begin the installation.

4. Configure the installation path and click on the Continue button.

5. Accept License Agreement for Microsoft R Open and click on Continue button.

6. Accept License Agreement for Math Kernel Libraries and click on Continue button.

7. Click on the Install button.

8. When the set-up files are being installed, you can see the progress bar as follows.

9. Once, installation is completed click on Finish.

Once, the R engine is installed successfully, you need to configure R with Power BI.

Configure R with Power BI

1. Open Power BI Desktop.

2. Go to File menu, From Options and settings, select Options.

3. Select R scripting from left side options. Make sure you R installation path is detected in Detected R home directories. (See following image).

Once, you configure the R engine, let’s install R Studio. Please visit this  article which shows how we can install R Studio.


This is how we can set-up an R engine in Power BI. Hope you love this article!



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