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How to import PowerPoint Presentation File in OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is Note-taking program used for the gathering the information and collaboration. In OneNote, you can take notes, record Audios, Add pictures, Videos, Stickers, and also you can add PowerPoint Presentation.

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Follow the steps to import the PowerPoint file to OneNote:

Step 1:

Open OneNote. Click on the INSERT and then File.

Step 2:

Select the Presentation you want to display on OneNote.

You will get 3 options:

  1. Upload to OneDrive and Insert Link

  2. Insert as attachment

  3. Insert as printout.

To Display the attachment of the file then you can select the 1st or 2nd options..

To Display the PowerPoint Presentation you have to select the "INSERT AS PRINTOUT"

Step 3:

Below is the image where you can see the PowerPoint File is imported.

Similarly you can import Excel Spread Sheet, Word Documents and other file.

You just need to follow the above steps. Instead of choosing the PowerPoint File, you have to choose Excel file or Word file or any other file which you want to import.

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