How to fix Kinect v2 not working in Windows 10 Creators Update

Today I want to talk with you about a quick fix regarding the Microsoft Kinect v2 and Windows 10. If you’re having problems in using Kinect with your Windows 10 PC, laptop or Surface book, keep on reading.

It all started when I wanted to shoot my latest Youtube video (on Amazon Sumerian) using Kinect as a webcam, something that on Windows 10 is now possible thanks to the new drivers by Microsoft. If you’re wondering why I want to use Kinect as a webcam… well, it can record full HD videos (1920×1080) and has a great microphone array that offers optimal audio recording and all of this can guarantee a good quality video: something that my standard cheap USB webcam can’t offer me.

So, I took the Kinect that I used at the good old times of Immotionar and connected it to my PC. Everything looked fine, the led on the box was lit with a white light and I was ready to be a great Youtuber. I launched OBS, set it to take the streaming from the Kinect and… nothing. Weird. I then launched the Kinect v2.0 browser and started the Kinect Body Basics sample and the result has been a black box and the “Kinect not connected!” warning. Uhm, I looked for online solutions, that offered me the standard possibilities:

  • Check if you have installed the latest Kinect runtime (latest = September 2014);