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How to create New Forms in Microsoft Forms?

This tutorial will guide you on

  1. How to create New Forms in Microsoft Forms?

  2. How to Add Media to Forms?

  3. How to Share a Form?

  4. How to View Form Response?

What are Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator, part of Office 365. Released by Microsoft in June 2016, Forms allows users to create surveys and quizzes with automatic marking. The data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


  1. All internal staff has automated access: Safe with no sign up/sign on for internal staff.

  2. Free: Included in the Business License for O365.

  3. Share and collaborate: All external third parties can participate as well.

  4. Approval templates: Workflow enhancements for approval for workers

  5. Language support: Choose the language based on the user’s settings.

Let's begin.

How to Create a New Form

STEP 1. Go to Microsoft Forms and click "+ New Form", which opens a blank form.

STEP 2. Click the Untitled form to edit the title and add a description.

STEP 3. The form auto-saves, a save indicator in the top left corner confirms when completed.

STEP 4. Click "+ Add New" to create content.

STEP 5. Choose the type of question: Multiple Choice, Text, Rating, Date, or Ranking.

STEP 6. Here I have selected the "Multiple Choice" option.

Type the question and add the options. You can add 2, 4, or more options as required.

You can make it a required question by turning on Required (See the below image).

STEP 7. For text responses, a long answer option is available. Activate the long answer option by clicking the slider, green indicates the option activated.

STEP 8. Click + Add question to insert additional content.

How to Add Media to Forms

STEP 1. Click Media to add media (image or video) to a question.

STEP 2. Select Image or Video.

To add an image:

1. Select Upload.

2. Select an image and click Open.

3. Click on Add

NB: Images sourced from BING images may violate copyright laws, do not use them.

To add a video:

1. Paste the video's YouTube URL (web address) into the URL box (this works with Private, Unlisted, and Public YouTube videos).

2. Click Add.

How to Share a Form?

Once complete, use the toolbar options to preview, add a theme or share the form.

  1. Preview: Preview the form to see how it looks when viewed on a computer or mobile device

  2. Theme: Select a color or theme to apply to the form, or upload a custom banner image

  3. Share: Share the form and choose sharing settings

Here we have a "Collect Responses" option for Sharing forms. Follow the below steps to share a form:

STEP 1. Click on "Collect Response".

STEP 2. In the right panel, choose an audience from the drop-down menu. (See the below image). Click Send.

STEP 3. To generate a link for the form, click "Copy" next to the link box.

or you can share the QR code to share the form link.

Or you can also share the embedded code to share the form.

How to View Form Responses?

STEP 1: Open Microsoft Forms and select the form from the list.

STEP 2: Click Responses at the top-left of the form. When people have completed the form, this is where the results can be viewed.

Results can be viewed in Excel by clicking Open in Excel.


Sofia Sondh

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