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How to Create a site in sharePoint?

SharePoint is a secure place to store, share and access information from any device. In this article, we will learn:

  1. What is SharePoint?

  2. Types of sites in SharePoint

  3. How to create a site in SharePoint?

  4. How to add a page in SharePoint?

  5. How to add a Document Library/List in SharePoint?

  6. Advantages of SharePoint

  7. Disadvantages of SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates natively with Microsoft Office. It is a document management and collaboration platform that helps to manage archives, documents, and reports. It is also used to manipulate content and site structure, create and delete sites, enable and disable product features, configure basic workflows and manage analytics.


  1. SharePoint provides page landmarks for easy navigation, keyboard shortcuts for various tasks, updates on upload progress, and improved callout readings.

  2. Supports file names with special characters with dots longer than 128 characters.

  3. Better integration with Office 365 tools and services including Microsoft Sway.

  4. Administrators can install only the roles they want on SharePoint servers.

  5. It includes coauthoring and autosave features for encrypted documents, information barriers, and automatic expiration of external access.

Types of Sites in Sharepoint:

There are 4 types of sites in SharePoint:

1. Classic

Many existing team sites at the University are Classic types and will soon be transitioned to the Modern experience. (New sites are no longer created using the Classic format.)

2. Modern Team Site (No Group)

A Modern team site not linked to a Group is suitable for intranet sites meant for wider audiences. (Current Classic sites will change to this format.)

3. Modern Team Site (Linked to a Group)

A Modern team site linked to a Group is ideal for collaboration with your team. Access is also provided to other tools/apps (such as Teams and Planner) through its connection to Office 365 Groups.

4. Communication Site

A SharePoint Communication site is a great place to share information with others. You can share news, reports, and other information in a visually compelling format.

How to create a site in SharePoint?

A modern SharePoint site is created and ready for use in seconds. If you selected a team site, a Microsoft 365 group is also created.

1. Select "+ Create site" on SharePoint Start Page.

2. You will get two options to create a site:

  • Team Site

  • Communication Site

Select a site that you want to create

3. Enter the details such as Name, Description, etc.,

4. You can also modify the group email address or site address, as per your choice.

The only symbols allowed in the site address are underscores, dashes, single quotes, and periods, and can't start or end with a period.

5. Choose a sensitivity level for your site information.

6. Select whether the group will be public or private (on the Team site).

7. You can also select the language for your site and click Next.

8. Now, enter the owners and members (if any). Click on Finish.

How to add a page in SharePoint?

1. Open the site to which you want to add a page.

2. Select New => Page.

3. Select a template, then select Create page.

4. Type the name of your page, then add any other content you want.

Use web parts to add text, images, and other content.

Click on Page Details to View and edit the page description, thumbnail, and custom properties.

5. Click on Publish when you're ready.

How to add a Document Library/List in SharePoint?

1. Open the site to which you want to add the list or library.

2. Select New => List or New => Document library.

3. When you click on Document Library, a prompt box will appear in the left pane.

Type the name of the Document Library and Description. Click on Create.

4. When you click on List, you will get 3 options to create a list:

  1. Blank

  2. From Excel

  3. From existing list

You can also choose the templates to create a list.

5. Select the option, type the name and description of the list. Click on create.

Advantages of SharePoint:

  1. SharePoint allows users to create and publish data that is stored and can be accessed by the organization.

  2. It is highly responsive for all devices and platforms.

  3. It is simple, quick, and easy to connect with your project anywhere anytime

  4. Version control, Document Check, Document workflow, Document templates, etc. are some of the features of SharePoint that help to maintain the documents.

  5. The Team Collaboration feature allows you to connect with your teammates or partners and can share files, documents, or important information.

Disadvantages of SharePoint

  1. SharePoint is expensive and difficult to maintain.

  2. The proper setup of SharePoint is complicated.

  3. Poor search capabilities.

  4. SharePoint is not easy to use. You need to train your employees to learn SharePoint and the training is going to be expensive.

Resource: Microsoft

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