Difference Between Next.js and Remix

What is Next.js?

Next.js is a React framework for developing single page Javascript applications. The benefits of this framework are numerous, both for our clients’ applications as well as for our development team. The more we, as users, interact digitally, the more impatient we become as our expectations are not met by websites and apps that fail to load within milliseconds.

Next.js is based on react, webpack and babel. It is an awesome tool for creating web application and famous for server-side rendering. Next.js is build by Zeit. Developers with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script and React can easily learn and switch to next.js.

What is Remix?

Remix is a full stack web framework based on web fundamentals and modern UX. It was created by the Remix.run team, founded by Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson. They are the creators of React Router.

Remix is a seamless server and browser runtime. It has no static site support, and always relies on a server. Remix aims to provide fast page load times and instant UI transitions.

Remix is built on the Web Fetch API, which allows it to run anywhere. It can be deployed in a serverless environment or in a Node.js server environment.

Difference Between Next.js and Remix