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Create Power BI Report Using PDF Data Source


In this article, we will talk about how we can consume data from a PDF file and prepare the Power BI report consuming that PDF file. Power BI provides a PDF Connector using which we can consume the data from a PDF file.

I have uploaded a sample PDF data source file and Power BI file on GitHub for your reference. Please download it using the following URL.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Update your Power BI Desktop and from "Preview Features", enable “Get data from PDF file”.

Step 2

From Home, select Get Data.

Step 3

From All, select “PDF(beta)”.

Step 4

It will prompt a message saying this is a preview connector. Click on OK.

Step 5

It will show all the available pages with its preview. Click on Load.

Step 6

It will show all the loaded fields.

Step 7

We have the following types of data available in our PDF file.

Step 8

Prepare Power BI report based on your requirement. I have uploaded Power BI file on GitHub. Here is the URL.


This is how we can consume the data from a PDF file and prepare our Power BI report.



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