Consume Local File System As A Data Source In Power BI


We all know that Power BI is a very good business intelligence tool. Sometimes, there is a situation when we need to prepare a report using a file system. In this article, we will learn how.


I want to prepare a report for all the available files in one of the specific folders from my local system. I also want to filter the files based on creation and modification dates and their extension.

Power BI provides a connector to consume the data from the folder structure. We can get all files from a specific folder but there is one limitation with this connector; it provides us a list of all files in a flat file structure instead of TreeView structure.

Now, let’s get started.

At the end of the article, you will be able to produce a similar kind of report. You can also download a report from here.

Step 1

Open Power BI Desktop.

Step 2

Click on Get Data > File > Folder. Then, click "Connect".

Step 3

It asks for local file system path. Click on "Browse" and select the folder for which you want to prepare the Power BI report.

In my case, I will select "Downloads" folder from the local file system.

Press OK.