Add-SPMetadataNavigationSettings PowerShell Cmdlet

1.0 Introduction:

The Metadata Navigation and Filtering Feature in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can help users filter and find content. Metadata Navigation and Filtering is a new feature in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 that enables users to filter and find content by using metadata. Metadata navigation builds upon the SharePoint Tree view hierarchy control and combines it with a new Key Filters control providing users a powerful tool in finding content based on metadata.

Navigation hierarchies:  

Use and expand the capabilities of list views to navigate hierarchies of folders, content types, choice fields, or managed metadata term sets. This allows users to use list views to filter on a metadata hierarchy just like navigating folders.

Key Filters:  

 This control appears below the site hierarchy control and can consist of several fields such as date, choice, content type, single and multi-value fields, currency, yes / no, and user fields. Any number of key filters can be applied in combination with a selected navigation hierarchy.

To configure Navigation hierarchies and Key Filters a custom powershell cmdlet Add-SPMetadataNavigationSettings can be used.  

2.0 Add-SPMetadataNavigationSettings

Custom Powershell cmdlet to configure Navigation Settings and Key Filters.




Add-SPMetadataNavigationSettings [-url] <String> [-ListName] <String> -FolderHierarchy <bool> -ContentTypeHierarchy <bool> [[-FieldHierarchy] <List`1>] –ContentTypeKeyFilter <bool> [[-FieldKeyFilter] <List`1>]


Parameter Required Type Description

Url Required System.String Specifies the URL of the site collection.

ListName Required System.String Specifies the list name.

FolderHierarchy Required System.Boolean Add folder hierarchy to settings.

ContentTypeHierarchy Required System.Boolean Add content type hierarchy to settings.