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Yorick is an interpreted programming language for scientific simulations or calculations, postprocessing or steering large simulation codes, interactive scientific graphics, and reading, writing, or translating large files of numbers. Yorick includes an interactive graphics package, and a binary file package capable of translating to and from the raw numeric formats of all modern computers. Yorick is written in ANSI C and runs on most operating systems (*nix systems, MacOS X, Windows). For a short overview, see the Linux Journal and Unix review articles.


  • Open source, BSD license.

  • C-like syntax, but array operators make most loops unnecessary. Matlab and IDL/PV-Wave are comparable commercial applications.

  • C API for writing dynamically linked compiled extensions.

  • Interactive scientific graphics, output to postscript. Runs ghostscript to convert to eps, png, or jpeg formats.

  • Emacs-based development environment.

Source: Wikipedia

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