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What is the Difference Between UI and UX Design?

What is UI Design?

User Interface design, or UI, focuses on incorporating a visual hierarchy into a design for the user to follow. This often means taking ideas outlined in a wireframe and making them into a high-fidelity design that incorporates this visual hierarchy. UI designers make products joyful to interact with.

UI designers take the mid and low fidelity designs for a project and begin to refine the designs. UI designers focus on the visual hierarchy and patterns that give visual cues to users. These items can include:

● Color scheme

● Typefaces

● Iconography

● Layout

What is UX Design?

A User Experience (UX) designer is responsible for designing the experience that users have when interacting with a product. UX designers focus on crafting products that are easy to use and understand. UX designers always put users’ needs first when considering design solutions in order to enhance customer satisfaction.The fundamentals of UX design include:

● Defining a problem

● Understanding users

● Creating personas

● Generating task and user flows

● Creating sketches, high and low fidelity wireframes, and prototypes

● Usability testing

Difference between UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design

UX Design UI Design

UX designers tend to focus on creating a product that solves a problem.

UI designers word on the design patterns and micro-details of the product.

It thinks about how best to make a product and make it easy to use

It thinks about how best to make product and enjoyable to use

It can be used for both tangible and intangible products

It tends to be limited to digital interfaces.

UX focuses on management and analysis through thinking, assimilation and execution.

UI acts as technical component to produce the design components for the finished product

UX focuses on the back end

UI focuses towards the interface - front end

UX designers use three colors to start their prototype design - black, white and grey.

UI designers manage to design visually aesthetic prototypes.

Which is Better?

UX is more about analytics, human psychology and logic. UX designer needs to think from user’s perspective and keeping in mind how user will think or like to interact. UI is all about color, pattern, design, size, layout, animation part, etc.

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