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What is the difference between .NET core and .NET Framework?

Microsoft’s .NET 5 has some major changes that can significantly affect your organization.

.NET Framework is a better choice if you:

  • Do not have time to learn new technology.

  • Need a stable environment to work in.

  • Have nearer release schedules.

  • We are already working on an existing app and extending its functionality.

  • Already have an existing team with .NET expertise and building production-ready software.

  • Do not want to deal with continuous upgrades and changes.

  • Building Windows client applications using Windows Forms or WPF

What is NET Core?

NET Core is a new version of. NET Framework, which is a free, open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft. It is a cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

.NET Core is a better choice if you:

  • Want to target your apps on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

  • Are not afraid of learning new things.

  • Are not afraid of breaking and fixing things since .NET Core is not fully matured yet.

  • A student who is just learning .NET.

  • Love open source.

The following Features through may help you make your decision.

Features & Winners

Feature: A high-performance and scalable system without UI

Winner: .NET Core is much faster.

Feature: Docker containers support

Winner: Both, but .NET Core is born to live in a container.

Feature: Heavily rely on the command line

Winner: NET Core has better support.

Feature: Cross-platform needs

Winner: .NET Core

Feature: Using Microservices

Winner: Both, but .NET Core is designed to keep today’s needs in mind.

Feature: User interface centric Web applications

Winner: .NET Framework is better now until .NET Core catches up.

Feature: Windows client applications using Windows Forms and WPF

Winner: .NET Framework

Feature: Already have a pre-configured environment and systems

Winner: .NET Framework is better.

Feature: Stable version for an immediate need to build and deploy

Winner:.NET Framework has been around since 2001. .NET Core is just a baby.

Feature: Have existing experienced .NET team

Winner:.NET Core has a learning curve.

Feature: Time is not a problem. Experiments are acceptable. No rush to deployment.

Winner:.NET Core is the future of .NET.

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