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Unable to edit an identifier column for external list in SharePoint Workspace


I was working on external list in SharePoint workspace. I was unable to add or edit the identifier column in the external list.


SQL Database:

I have created a database named Test which contains a table named Table1.

Table1 has the following columns and data's.

External Content Type:

I have created an external content type based on the above table Table1 using SharePoint Designer 2010.

External List:

I have created an external list based on the external content type that I have created. External list has the following data

I have connected the above external list to SharePoint Workspace.

I was trying to add a new item to the external list in workspace, but I was unable to edit the identifier column (Column Name ID). The column had the default value as 0 and I was not able to change the column value.

But the item has been added successfully because in my list I don't have the item with ID value =0.

When I tried adding the next item still the ID column was showing the default value 0 and it was throwing the following error

This is because when you create an external content type using SharePoint Designer when you create all operations by default for the identifier column the "Read - Only" field will be checked.

That's why in SharePoint Workspace I was not able to edit the identifier column.

Make sure that when you create external content type using SharePoint Designer uncheck the "Read - Only" field for the identifier then only we will be able to add or update the column in SharePoint Workspace.



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