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Trump Campaign Advisor Pleaded Guilty To Charges Of Child Trafficking

Yet another member of Donald Trump’s posse has now gone down in a fiery ball of flames as a former informal advisor to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to charges of child sex trafficking and possession of child pornography.

George Nader, a 60-year-old Lebanese-American businessman with more than a few ties to Trump was set to go to trial in this year, but things took a different turn after criminal information that was filed recently served to speed up the process — resulting in Nader entering a guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia’s Eastern District much earlier than expected.

Reports indicated that Nader was rather terse as Judge Brinkema read his offenses into the record in grave detail before asking him for his plea.

The former Trump advisor replied, “Guilty,” surrounded by a huddle of attorneys.

Nader later told the courts that he had not been pressured to enter a guilty plea nor was he taking any side deals with prosecutors that resulted in his willingness to confess to his crimes.

George Nader was first charged with possessing and transporting child pornography back in June 2019, with an additional charge of child sex-trafficking added a month later in July when it was discovered that he had arranged for the transport of a 14-year-old boy from the Czech Republic to his home in Washington back in February of 2000.

This is far from the first time that Nader has experienced a run-in with the law over similar charges, either. He served 6-months in Virginia back in 1991 after pleading guilty to transporting child pornography. In 2003, Nader faced 10 years for sexually assaulting young boys in Prague, ultimately serving a year of his time there before being expelled from the country.

All of this… And Donald Trump still let him hang around.

My mama always told me, “The people you surround yourself with say more about you than your mouth ever will.” Seems it’s high time this nation takes that advice in regard to the sorry excuse for a president we’ve currently got living it up in the White House. Donald Trump has thus far been “lucky” enough to not get outright caught for his transgressions and disgusting misdeeds. But at this point, you’d have to be a damn fool to believe that this man isn’t partaking in the same nauseating habits as all his friends are. Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t a one-off coincidence, folks.

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