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Top File Upload Libraries used for Websites

What is File Upload Libraries?

File upload libraries are used to design and develop the function with many features add-ons such as allowing multiple files to be loaded at once, showing progress bar for downloads file, add drag and drop function.

1. Filepond

Filepond is an open source library built in pure Javascript that allows you to upload anything for the site. In addition, it also has an image optimization function to help download files quickly than. It is also designed in a modern direction to bring a sense of fun as well as enhance the experience for user when using this function. Some of the strong points of this library are accepting multiple input formats such as files, folders, data URLs…, file drag and drop, keyboard navigation or display available on various device screens by auto-scaling based on available space. Still many other functions you can see more on its main page. What I like about this library that you can use for today’s popular front-end frameworks such as Vue, React, Angular and Jquery.

2. DropzoneJS

DropzoneJS is a compact open source library that helps you build file upload functionality by drag and drop files or select files in the usual way. In addition, after downloading the file, it will display the image an image of the file is uploaded so that the user knows if he or she has downloaded the correct file. It also gives you some settings to easily customize this functionality such as specifying the maximum size for file uploads, yes allow multiple files to be uploaded at the same time, adjust the image displayed after the file is uploaded up… This you can add more reference in the Configuration section of its page.

3. Uppy

Uppy is an open source library that makes it easy to upload files to the server from your computer or via the Internet. through storage sites like Google Driver, Dropbox, OneDrive, Instagramn… With useful features other such as compact size, divided into many modules so that you can eliminate unnecessary functions use, can recover files if there is a problem through Golden Retriever, has support for many languages (Yes Vietnamese Nam)… You can see the setup instructions for use in the Document section or the updated articles Features for each version are in the Blog.

4. jQuery File Upload

jQuery File Upload is a Jquery builder library that makes it possible to upload files for your website with many built-in features such as the option to download multiple files at once, drag and drop files, validation and preview display image. It works well with any server-side platform like NodeJS, Java, PHP, Python… In addition, you can define some more properties such as selecting the file types that are allowed to upload, limiting the size of the file file size, add title and caption…

5. Uppload

Uppload is an open source library that helps you create image upload functionality easily and fast for website. With a high degree of customization through the provision of more than 30 supporting plugins. A notebook Its strengths are drag-and-drop functionality, get images from web services, and can edit images on the fly on upload, works on most browsers nowadays, support for popular front-end frameworks like Vue, React…

6. FineUploader

FineUploader is a JavaScript library that allows you to build upload functionality file for most file formats and run on various platforms on the server side. In addition, it also has some useful features like easy editing, progress bar style setting, drag function and drop, auto-reload on network problems, upload directly to cloud services like Amazone S3, Microsoft Azure…, preview images displayed, limit the number of files allowed to upload…

7. Resumable.js

Resumable.js is a Javascript library that allows you to create functionality to load multiple files at once. via the HTML5 File API. It is designed to handle large files over HTTP by split the file into small files and if there is an error, it will automatically redo the file download process. And it helps Supports two major browsers, Firefox 4+ and Chrome 11+. Instructions and settings you can refer to in its demo page!

8. jQuery Ajax File Uploader Widget

jQuery Ajax File Uploader Widget is an open source library built with Jquery that helps you Easily build file upload functionality through the use of AJAX. With a compact size of only about 8kb, Allows setting adjustments to start or stop the file download process, add notes to the tool, display display preview images… then I think this is a good library to build a file download function for the page web. It also has full examples of features, you can check out the demo page!

9. Bootstrap-fileinput

Bootstrap-fileinput is an open source library built for Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4. It make it possible for us to create a file upload function for the website with many additional features such as display file information, allows adding, editing and deleting when uploading multiple files, showing progress bar during download file, drag and drop functionality for elements… In addition to images, you can download many other formats such as video, audio, text… In my opinion, this is an easy-to-install and beautifully designed library for you guys love using Bootstrap.

10. Tus-js-clientjax Uploader

Simple Ajax Uploader is a library that helps you create an upload function for your website quickly quick and easy. Despite its simple design and small size, it still offers a full range of features capabilities for users. It has some strong points such as support for downloading multiple files at the same time, drag and drop function, display shows progress bar during file download, supports popular browsers and for IE from session IE7+ and above.

11. Tus-js-client

Tus-js-client is a javascript library that helps you create file upload functionality for web pages through over HTTP protocol. Its strong point is that when there is an interruption during the upload process, it will automatically dynamic re-execution without reloading the previous data. In addition to running on popular browsers variables are now used on Node.js, React Native, and Apache Cordova.

12. PekeUpload

PekeUpload is a Jquery plugin that allows you to easily create file upload functionality for HTML5 pages. With a simple and compact design, it still provides many features to fine-tune the program to suit your needs website such as file size limit, notification content customization, progress bar display, support drag and drop function, pre-display the resulting image…

13. File-upload-with-preview

File-upload-with-preview is a compact open source library that makes it easy to create functionality upload files for images. As the name implies, this function will give us a preview of the displayed results to verify. With writing in pure javascript, no additional libraries are used and the size is just about 13.55kb after compression, this library will help you strongly optimize the performance of the website as well as can be applied to many different types of web projects.

14. Flow.js

Flow is a static type checker for your JavaScript code. It does a lot of work to make you more productive. Making you code faster, smarter, more confidently, and to a bigger scale. Flow checks your code for errors through static type annotations.

15. Plupload

Plupload is JavaScript API for building file uploaders. It supports multiple file selection, file filtering, chunked upload, client side image downsizing and when necessary can fallback to alternative runtimes, like Flash and Silverlight.

16. HTML5 Drag & Drop Ajax File Uploader

A developer can perform an Ajax-based file upload to a server with JavaScript in five steps:

  1. An HTML5 input form element must be included in the webpage that renders in the client’s browser;

  2. A JavaScript method must be coded to initiate the asynchronous Ajax based file upload;

  3. A component must exist on the server to handle the file upload and save the resource locally;

  4. The server must send a response to the browser indicating the JavaScript file upload was successful; and

  5. The client’s browser must provide an Ajax-based response indicating the file uploaded successfully.

17. simpleUpload.js

simpleUpload is an extremely simple yet powerful jQuery file upload plugin designed to be non-intrusive, backwards-compatible, flexible, and very easy to understand.

18. FileDrop

FileDrop is a simple and elegant solution to move or transfer files between two iOS devices. It works like a very powerful version of Apple's AirDrop feature, allowing you to wirelessly send any type of file from one iOS device to another. FileDrop works with any file format and any file size.

19. Formstone

Formstone is a front end library that aids in the rapid development of web projects by abstracting modern web patterns into highly customizable jQuery plugins. Build the web faster with Formstone.

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