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Top 8 AI Tool beyond ChatGPT

Updated: May 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, transforming various industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. One of the prominent breakthroughs in AI has been the development of language models like ChatGPT (based on GPT-3 architecture) that can generate human-like text and engage in conversational interactions. While ChatGPT has garnered significant attention, there is a wide range of other powerful AI tools that offer unique capabilities and applications beyond conversational agents. In this article, we will provide a list of the top 8 tools beyond ChatGPT.

Top 8 AI Tool beyond ChatGPT

Below is the list of the top 8 AI Tools beyond ChatGPT:

  1. Perplexity

  2. Surfer

  3. Fliki

  4. ChatPDF

  5. Decktopus


  7. Sheet+

  8. Jenni AI

1. Perplexity

Perplexity AI is a new AI chat tool that acts as an extremely powerful search engine. When a user inputs a question, the model scours the internet to give an answer. And what’s great about this tool, is its ability to display the source of the information it provides.

Perplexity AI is like ChatGPT and Google combined. It also has features such as an instant summary of your current page, quickly asking any question from your toolbar, asking questions about your current page or domain, sharing your answers with a link, and clicking to ask follow-up questions. Perplexity AI is available as a Chrome extension, an Android app, and a web app

2. Surfer

Surfer AI Tool is an AI SEO tool that helps you improve the ranking of your website on search engines and increase organic traffic. It analyzes your website’s content and provides recommendations for optimization based on natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. Surfer AI Tool also helps you generate briefs with catchy headlines, write and optimize content in any language, check for plagiarism, and publish your content with integrations.

Surfer AI Tool also has a feature called Grow Flow, which provides weekly tasks for internal links, topic ideas, and content optimization. Surfer AI Tool is designed to help you create high-quality content that matches the search intent and relevance of your keywords.

You can install Surfer AI Tool by signing up for a free account on their website. You can also download their Chrome extension or their WordPress plugin to use Surfer AI Tool directly from your browser or your WordPress dashboard. Surfer AI Tool also integrates with Google Docs, Jasper, and other tools. To use Surfer AI Tool, you need to create a project and enter your keywords. Then, you can use the Content Editor to write and optimize your content, or the Content Planner to generate briefs and outlines.

3. Fliki

Fliki AI Tool is an online video-making tool that makes it easy to create videos with realistic voices in just two minutes. With this innovative tool, you can quickly make videos from any script or blog post you have. Fliki AI Tool uses generative AI and OpenAI GPT-3 to provide lifelike text-to-speech voices in over 900 voices and 75 different languages.

Fliki AI Tool also has a rich stock media library and allows users to customize subtitles with their own branding. Fliki AI Tool is designed to help content creators produce engaging and high-quality video content for various purposes, such as social media, podcasts, audiobooks, voiceovers, etc.

You can install Fliki AI Tool by signing up for a free account on their website. You can also download their app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To use Fliki AI Tool, you need to create a project and enter your text or blog URL. Then, you can choose a voice, a voice style, and a media library. Finally, you can export your video and share it on your desired platform.

4. ChatPDF

ChatPDF AI tool is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that allows users to interact with their PDF files as if they were talking to a human. With ChatPDF, users can quickly extract information from large PDF files such as manuals, essays, legal contracts, books, and research papers. ChatPDF analyzes the PDF to create a semantic index of every paragraph, and when users ask a question, the AI will use relevant paragraphs to give them an answer.

ChatPDF also provides a summary and suggests topics for further exploration. ChatPDF can be used for various purposes such as education, work, and personal learning.

You can install the ChatPDF AI tool by visiting their website and clicking on the “Upload and Chat PDF” button. You can either paste the URL link of the PDF file or directly upload the file from your PC. Then, you can enter your questions in the chat box and receive AI-powered responses from ChatPDF. You can also use ChatPDF as a Chrome extension.

5. Decktopus

Decktopus AI tool is a presentation tool that helps you create professional presentations, proposals, and microsites in no time. It allows you to use ready-made templates or generate presentations with AI based on your topic. Decktopus also lets you embed forms, videos, and websites into your slides and convert them into bio links, sales funnels, and more. The Decktopus AI tool is designed to help you create stunning presentations that suit your needs and audience.

6. is a presentation software that uses design AI to help you create stunning slides in minutes. It has hundreds of smart templates for various purposes, such as pitch decks, sales proposals, data reports, and marketing plans. also allows you to customize your slides with your brand colors, fonts, and logos, and access millions of stock photos, videos, and icons. also enables you to add voice narration, animations, and forms to your slides, and share them online or offline with your audience. is designed to make presentation creation easy and fast for everyone.

7. Sheet+

Sheet+ AI tool is an AI-powered tool that helps you work with your spreadsheets more efficiently, especially in Excel and Google Sheets. It allows you to generate accurate formulas from text descriptions, convert formulas into simple explanations, debug formulas, and more.

Sheet+ AI tool can save you up to 80% of your time on spreadsheet work and help you enhance your spreadsheet skills. Sheet+ AI tool is designed to make spreadsheet tasks and calculations easy and fast for everyone.

8. Jenni AI

Jenni AI tool is an AI-powered writing system that helps you create content faster and easier. It can generate text for various purposes, such as academic essays, blog posts, fan fiction, speeches, and more. Jenni AI tool uses GPT-4 and ChatGPT to produce high-quality and original content that matches your tone and style.

Jenni AI tool also provides features such as autocomplete, citations, paraphrasing, rewriting, and voice narration. Jenni AI tool is designed to help you overcome writer’s block and enhance your creativity.

Here is the difference between these tools:







Jenni AI

Designed as an evaluation metric for language models to assess their predictive capabilities.

Designed for keyword ranking, competitor analysis, and content optimization recommendations.

Designed to build and manage their own wikis or knowledge bases.

Designed for PDF-related tasks.

Provides templates, design elements, and collaboration features.

Design to utilize Ai algorithms to automate the creation and formatting of visually appealing slides.

Design to enhance the functionality and capabilities of spreadsheets.

Designed to perform tasks such as scheduling, reminders, information retrieval and basic conversation.

It helps in selecting the most effective language models for various NLP tasks.

Comprehensive keyword analysis, content optimization suggestions, and competitor comparisons to enhance search engine visibility.

User-friendly interface for creating and managing wikis

Simplifies PDF-related tasks by providing an intuitive chat interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise

Offers user friendly interface with pre-designed templates and visual elements.

It streamlines the creation of visually pleasing presentations and saves time in formatting and design decisions.

Data visualization, Workflow automation and integration with other tools and services.

- provides a conversational interface for interacting with a virtual assistant. -Streamline daily activities and assists in organizing and prioritizing tasks.

Does not capture the entire picture of language model quality, and additional metrics may be needed to evaluate aspects like coherence, context understanding, and real-world performance.

Required paid subscription, which have limited factor for some users.

Free plan have limited storage, customization or number of users.

Complex PDF operations or specialization features

Advanced customization and premium templates require paid subscription

Users with complex design requirements or specific customization needs may find the tool's capabilities restrictive.

additional unnecessary features

-limited virtual assistants tools.


$100-$1199 per month

$8-$88 per month

$5 per month

$9-$32 per month

$12 per month, onwards


$6 (3000 words) to $128 (96000 words)


By exploring these AI tools, we've gained insights into their unique advantages and applications. However, it's important to consider individual needs, specific use cases, and evolving pricing models when selecting the right tool.

As AI continues to evolve rapidly, it's crucial to stay informed about emerging tools and technologies beyond ChatGPT. The AI landscape offers a wealth of possibilities for researchers, developers, and businesses alike. By harnessing the power of diverse AI tools, we can unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Remember to regularly check the official websites of these tools for the latest updates, pricing information, and feature enhancements as the AI field progresses. Embrace the transformative potential of AI and continue exploring the ever-expanding world of AI tools beyond ChatGPT.


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