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With many vendors claiming to offer Top Notch Edge computing services, here are some of the companies to pay attention this year.

With the proliferation of IoT devices, organizations are looking to adopt edge computing, now more than ever. As the influx of connect devices increases, cloud computing platform becomes flooded with data from these devices. Meanwhile, the demand to process generated data in real-time is growing more and more prominent. Edge computing offers to reduce this data traffic and overload on cloud with low-latency benefits and processing data closer to the data generation touch points.

According to IDC, in 2025 nearly 30% of data across the globe will need real-time processing with the role of edge is continuing to grow. With its massive impact on the data center market, several vendors are offering edge computing capabilities to their clients. Analytics Insight brings Top 10 companies that are at the forefront of edge computing.

1. ClearBlade

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

ClearBlade is an edge computing Software Company that offers a single platform ability to leverage local compute, AI, and actionable visualizations. Operating on the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge, ClearBlade’s middleware platform is designed to seamlessly connect the various parts of IoT, with 100% uptime. Its primary products include its ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform, ClearBlade Edge IoT Software, and ClearBlade Secure IoT Cloud.

2. EdgeConneX

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Herndon, Virginia

EdgeConneX builds and operates purpose-built edge data centers. It also offers a wide range of solutions such as Edge small cells, Point of Presence and customized centers in remote locations. Its platform offers a multi-access edge computing infrastructure that is used to test 5G networks and power VR platforms. The company aims to define, build, and deliver carrier-neutral data center capacity that brings the Edge to its customers and vice-versa.

3. Mutable

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: New York

Mutable is considered as pioneer in public edge cloud technology. It provides edge technology to enable low latency, heightened security and operational efficiency for application providers, cable operators and cloud providers. Its software platform operates on operators’ existing servers and automatically prioritizes the workloads of the owner while selling the unused compute capability through its public cloud and to unlock the full revenue potential of existing servers.

4. MobileedgeX

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

MobiledgeX is a multi-sided software platform provider in the mobile edge computing space, connecting operators, developers, and cloud providers with edge resources to enable complex edge applications. MobiledgeX’s key focus is on their Edge-Cloud, which helps telco operators build their own edge clouds and generate new revenue while giving developers a platform to run their apps on telco edge infrastructure, using its features like platform-independent SDKs, distributed matching engines and multi-tenant control panel.

5. Saguna

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Yoqne`am `illit, HaZafon, Israel

Saguna is edge computing company that focuses on “transforming communication networks into edge cloud computing platforms.” Its flagship product is a multi-access edge computing solution that includes edge virtualization and open management and automation capabilities. This Saguna Open-RAN MEC solution simplifies and accelerates development, deployment, management and automation of edge cloud platforms and edge applications.

6. Cato Networks

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Cato Networks offers software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and security at the edge, a deviation from many of its competitors in the SD-WAN space. Its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) converges the function of network and security point solutions into a unified cloud-native service. Its Edge SD-WAN device, Cato Socket, applies multiple traffic management capabilities such as active-active link usage, application- and user-aware QoS prioritization, dynamic path selection to work around link blackouts and brownouts, and packet duplication to overcome packet loss.

7. Edge Intelligence

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Edge Intelligence is a company that developed the industry’s first distributed analytics platform built for both edge computing and hybrid cloud environments. The company’s software platform can analyze vast amounts of geographically distributed data for enterprises, including data from devices like routers, network servers and threat intelligence platforms. It enables near real-time insight from data whether it is seconds or years old, thus serving the technology, industrial manufacturing, government and logistics industries.

8. HPE

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: California

The Edgeline series of Converged Edge Systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is designed to deliver ‘enterprise-class IT at the edge’. It integrates operational technology (OT) like data acquisition, control systems and industrial networks, with enterprise-class IT in a single, rugged system suited for harsh edge environments to enable innovative new abilities at the edge. HPE also has hardware modules that handle data from different industrial devices in various edge settings and software options.

9. Vapor IO

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Vapor IO uses colocation facilities to bring cloud-like services to the edge of wireless networks. The company’s Kinetic Edge combines multi-tenant colocation with software-defined interconnection and high-speed networking, to deliver the most flexible, highly-distributed edge infrastructure at the edge of the wireless network. It also enables new and innovative edge-driven applications at unprecedented levels of performance, and reduces the cost requirements for CDN, cloud and network operators.

10. FogHorn

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

FogHorn, is a software vendor that focuses on bringing intelligence to the edge for IoT deployments. Its software platform brings the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to the on-premise edge environment enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, asset performance optimization, operational intelligence and predictive maintenance use cases. Its solutions are ideally suited for OEMs, systems integrators and end customers in vertical markets and smart city applications.


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