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Modal Libraries For Web Development

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A modal (also called a modal window or lightbox) is a web page element that displays in front of and deactivates all other page content. To return to the main content, the user must engage with the modal by completing an action or by closing it. Modals are often used to direct users’ attention to an important action or piece of information on a website or application.

The purpose of modals can be summed up in one word: focus. If you need visitors to focus on something simple, a modal window is one of the most effective means to do so. Users must either close the modal, or complete a specific action within it (e.g., reading a message and clicking “OK”, filling out a form, etc.).

Benefits of Modals

Aside from channeling focus, modals present additional benefits over other display elements.

1. Simplicity

Modals keep things simple. Everything stays within one tab, helping visitors stay connected with what they were doing before the modal appeared.

2. Visibility

Since modals appear within the user’s active tab, you can be sure it will be seen. If instead the prompt were to appear in a new window, the user could miss it or instinctively close the new window after being conditioned by annoying ad popups.

3. Flexibility

Modals also help preserve page space by displaying featured media, like images or videos, in a lightbox.

Modal Libraries for Web Development:

1. animatedModal

animatedModal is an open source library built with Jquery combined with CSS3 and animate.css helps you create modals with many animation effects for objects in the web. To set To set it up, you just need to copy the CDN code and paste it directly into the HTML to be able to use it. Also it It also provides additional attributes that give you flexibility in applying to your website such as color, time, etc effect time… You can also refer to how to set up and use it through the tutorial instructions on the demo page!

2. Modaal

Modaal is an open source library that makes it easy to build modals for a variety of objects. different icons in the HTML page. In addition it also has some other useful features such as calling data using AJAX, responsive on multiple device screens, have full screen view, use keyboard to perform now open and close the modal… you just need to download the file and call its properties through the general structure data-option-name is usable and easily tailored for your site. NS Its properties all have specific examples, you can refer to it in the demo page!


IZIMODAL is a library built with Jquery that helps you create and tweak modals easily. easily by setting attributes in HTML tags like data-iziModal-fullscreen="true" set fullscreen mode, data-iziModal-title="Welcome" set the title for the modal... In addition to the ways to set the information often it also supports CDN making it easy to call and run the program directly for the website. Follow me See the highlight of this library is that it allows us to set modal animations through pre-supplied attributes such as transitionIn, transitionOut...

4. Fancybox

Fancybox is a library built in Javascript that helps you create modals with many features like is responsive on many device screens, optimizing the features of swiping in and out on devices phone, easy to tweak CSS… Also it can be used for many types of objects in HTML such as images, videos, googlemap… and it also provides modal to display product images for pages Web sales. However, it has a limitation that when you use it in a commercial web project, you need to You must purchase a license to use it.

5. jQuery Modal

jQuery Modal is a Jquery library that helps you create and modify modals easily. It has size size is only about 1kb (after compression) and is easy to set up directly into HTML via CDN. It also has the Useful features that help you customize your website such as creating modals that open and close with links, display, etc content by AJAX, set styles for modals, create animation effects, can call multiple modals in website… If you want to learn more, you can check out the examples in its demo page!

6. Vex

Vex is a library built in javascript with over 6k star reviews on Github. It helps you easily create and display multiple modals at the same time on the same web page. Also it is responsive on different device screens and easily tweak the style of your modal via css files or use the theme that the library provides. Vex can run on most modern browsers today like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 9+…

7. CSS Modal

CSS Modal is a library built with pure CSS3 and Javascript that helps you create modals easily. fast and applicable on many different types of web projects. Because no additional libraries are used, so it runs pretty smoothly when used in web pages. In addition, it also integrates responsive functionality on device screens and can be used for many types of HTML objects such as text, images, videos, iframe… The most popular modern browsers are usable and it also makes it possible for you Runs on browsers from IE8+ and up.

8. jQuery-plainModal

jQuery-plainModal is a library built with Jquery that helps us create simple modals with a high degree of customization. It allows you to set the height, width of the modal, set the background color after the modal Opened, set font color… It also has examples and detailed instructions in the demo page, you You can refer to it to apply for your website.

9. VenoBox

VenoBox is a library built in Jquey that allows you to create modals for many types of objects. Various HTML such as images, text, iFrames, Google Map, Vimeo, Ajax and Youtube. Also it There are also attributes that help you fine-tune the modal like framewidth for dimension modal width, frameheight for modal height, titleattr for modal title... As for the image modal, it has a built-in social network feature that makes it easy to share your images your favorite images on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter... or download to your computer to use.

10. PhotoViewer

PhotoViewer is a library built in Javascript that helps you create image modals in an intuitive way. easily. In addition, it also integrates many useful features to increase user experience when using modal images such as zoom in, zoom out, full screen mode, reverse image or display multiple images image as slideshow… you can also change size, title, zIndex position… for modal info through the properties provided by the library.

11. Bootbox.js

Bootbox.js is a library built in Javascript that makes it easy to use and customize modal of the Bootstrap framework than. You can easily install it via npm, CDN or download to use use. It also supports most of the popular Bootstrap versions today and specifically from Bootstrap 3.1.0 and above up. Bootbox.js integrates many different types of modals to help us have more diverse options for the website For example, modal enter date, enter password, enter number, modal confirm, modal notify…

12. SweetAlert

SweetAlert is an open-source Link library that helps you build website notifications in an easy way. quickly with high aesthetics and many beautiful motion effects. To use it for your website we also very simple, you just need to call file sweetalert.min.js via CDN and define basic attributes for the message such as title(title), text(content), icon. Also you can add other properties and functions such as button, display via Ajax, use promises for modal...

13. Avgrund Modal

Avgrund Modal is a jQuery Modal Plugin for adding beautiful Modal Boxes & Popups to your website. If you want to close modal, please hit "Esc", click somewhere on the screen or use special button.

14. popModal

The popModal is a highly configurable jQuery plugin that allows you to create tooltips, titles, modal dialogs, and confirmation popups. The plugin supports AJAX to load content dynamically in the dialog and Esc key to close modal. Besides this, you can fully control each component of the modal

15. Micromodal.js

Micromodal.js is a lightweight, configurable and a11y-enabled modal library written in pure JavaScript. It enables you to create WAI-ARIA guidelines compliant modal dialogs, with confidence and with minimal configuration. At just 1.9kb minified and gzipped, its a tiny library for big change.

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