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11 Best Productivity Tools for Developers

Productivity tools for developers can easily save the day and make work faster, easier, and more efficient. They can also help relieve the burden of tedious tasks by automating some activities and completely eliminating others.

Taking part in the process of software development, which may include research, design, programming or testing computer software, makes developers work difficult. Their hands are always busy and they need to stay focused not to make any mistakes. Hence, it’s easy for decrease in productivity with all the tasks, data, and deadlines.

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for unlimited users. There are no better productivity tools for developers than software which helps to optimize work, such our time tracker. It allows you to organize all the data about your projects and tasks, simply and transparently:

  • The desktop app automatically tracks not only the time of your work but also what actives you spent it on.

  • You get all the data in the form of accurate and understandable reports.

  • Your projects can be divided into smaller tasks.

  • With the feature of assigning tasks the level of importance, you can measure productive and unproductive activities.

  • The feature of billable and non-billable hours allows you to accurately bill your clients.

  • You can create professional invoices in TimeCamp, based on time entries.

  • With budgeting feature, you don’t have to worry about financial issues. You can easily and effectively control and monitor spendings.

  • GPS tracking.

TimeCamp is a fantastic way to become more productive by measuring time you or your team spend on particular activities. It also tremendously helps in team management and resource allocation.

2. HeySpace

HeySpace is an innovative task management software with chat features. It allows your team to manage tasks and projects and communicate in one place.

It’s a combination of Slack and Trello. HeySpace has plenty of useful features that a good collaboration software should have:

  • Thanks to its design you can see three boards in one place – your team and spaces (different channels), chat, list of cards with tasks.

  • You can easily convert part of your conversation into a task.

  • The board with tasks allows you to see all projects in one place.

  • Every task can be adjusted – you can set date, assign people to it, add tags, description, files, comment on it. All to keep you updated on task progress.

  • You can share files.

  • The feature of workspaces allows you to create many spaces, if, for example, you work for various organizations or have different clients.

  • Pleasant and intuitive interface.

3. Habitica

This is one of the best productivity tools for developers who want to create good habits in a fancy way. Habitica takes you to the old pixel-like platform world in which you’re a hero fighting through daily, weekly, and long-term goals, habits, and to-do lists. For every goal achieved you receive points, discover new animals, and can buy weapon to gain strength. The more you fail at your tasks, the more strength you lose. And the challenge is to keep your character alive. It’s a fantastic way to develop a new habit or work on a project and skills in a game-like way. In particular, if you’re a fan of games.

4. F.lux

Eyes are the most important asset of every developer and there is no doubt about it. And for sure you know that working with tired, dry eyes can be a real obstacle. And so, because developers spend so much time with their eyes on the screen, it’s the priority to take proper care of them. F.lux helps in that by automatically changing screen color based on your time and location (from sunset to sunrise). Warm colors not only help you to work longer by making your work environment more pleasant and natural to your eyes, but also ensure that you are not exposed to the harmful effects of bad light. You can be more productive, keep your eyes healthy, and sleep better.

5. Sublime Text

Productivity also means a nice work environment in terms of applications. Sublime Text is a code editor with easy-to-use and friendly interface. It gives comfort both for eyes but also in terms of usability. Sublime Text allows you to markup and program in different languages. You can also move across files, lines of your code and change them, and quickly switch between different projects. Also, in this tool, you can turn on the distraction mode which makes it easier to stay focused and more productive.

6. MantisBT

Let’s be honest, bugs in a code are a real pain. And when you have to find them on your own, the pain is even bigger. That’s when MantisBT comes with help. It’s a web-based bug tracking system which tracks errors in the code and reports them. Whenever it finds an issue, it sends an e-mail notification to you and your team. You can also adjust what types of notifications you want to receive.


Numerous studies have shown that listening to certain music helps to stimulate brain for a better performance. So is the case with game and film music. If you’re among people whose productivity boosts when they’re listening to the soundtrack music, will be a good solution. On the website, you can find almost 30.000 titles of music from games, movies, trailers, and tv shows so don’t hesitate to try it out.

8. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is the best productivity tool for developers who work in teams which need to collaborate on one code at the same time. All you have to do is send the link to this code editor to your team members and you can all work in the real-time. You can see who is working on what and what changes your teammates have introduced. Also, you can choose from over 70 languages in the editor.

9. Todolist

Everyone needs a to-do list, including developers. In Todolist you can manage your list of things-to-do with simple commands to make sure you’re sticking with your productivity schedule. With Todolist you can do all the things you can do in a traditional to-do list – prioritize, add tasks, filter and group them, and archive them. All that in the more coding-like way.

10. The Silver Searcher

This app is a real time saver and is a must on the list of best productivity tools for developers. The Silver Searcher helps to find a specific code in a fast and easy way. So when you’re reading your code and are looking for a particular part, this code-searcher can be a real life savior. Besides saving your time, it can also save your sanity.

11. WakaTime

This tool works similarly to TimeCamp – it tracks time. However, it follows your work when you’re programming. It shows you all the details on your work as a developer – what file you’ve been working on, operating system, and even language. You can also compete against your teammates on the Leaderboard and see who has the highest score in coding. If you combine WakaTime with TimeCamp, you can manage your budget and productivity as a developer at once. In this combination, the two are ultimately the best productivity tools for developers.

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