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The Top 40 Brands People Want To Work For In The Tech Industry

Want to work at Tesla? Apple? Reddit? Netflix? You’re not alone.

Most people want to work for a company that is doing amazing work in the forefront of their field. And while we typically think of a brand as something that is relevant to customers and buyers, it’s also critically important to companies that are looking to hire the best available talent.

Hired released the 2020 global brand health report today, and the focus is on brand positivity for employees: which companies people most want to work for. Last year, that was Google.

This year, Netflix dethroned Google as the most-desired place to work. Netflix and chill is now Netflix and work, I guess.

Watch two tech executives debate the companies on these lists:

Here are the top 20 public companies people want to work for in the tech industry, along with their ranking in Hired’s “brand positivity index.”

  1. Netflix: 86

  2. GitHub: 85

  3. Google: 84

  4. Slack: 81

  5. Microsoft: 78

  6. Apple: 77

  7. Tesla: 74

  8. Twitter: 73

  9. LinkedIn: 72

  10. Dropbox: 69

  11. Square: 65

  12. Amazon: 64

  13. Shopify: 63

  14. Adobe: 62

  15. Facebook: 60

  16. Lyft: 57

  17. Walt Disney: 57

  18. BBC: 52

  19. Salesforce: 50

  20. New York Times: 48

And here are the top 20 private companies in the tech industry that people want to work for:

  1. SpaceX: 75

  2. Gitlab: 72

  3. Airbnb: 69

  4. Stripe: 66

  5. Hulu: 64

  6. Reddit: 62

  7. Kickstarter: 57

  8. Robinhood: 54

  9. Bloomberg: 50

  10. Jet Propulsion Lab: 50

  11. Coinbase: 49

  12. Quora: 48

  13. Instacart: 47

  14. Squarespace: 47

  15. Indeed: 46

  16. Hyperloop One: 42

  17. PBS: 41

  18. Whole Foods: 41

  19. NPR: 40

  20. Sigma: 36

The data is based on a survey of 4,100 tech professionals on Hired, and the company says that a high-ranking brand positivity index is correlated with “what motivates candidates to take that recruiter call” and “leave their current role.” It also helps companies land top candidates faster.

Interestingly, tech founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has not one but two companies on the public list, with both Twitter and Square making the cut.

Also important: politics, personalities, and inclusion:

  • 64% of people says that diversity and inclusion would significantly impact their decision on where to work

  • 54% said a company CEO’s political views would have a strong impact on whether they’d take a job there

  • And Elon Musk was ranked as the most inspiration leader in tech, followed by Sundar Pichai (Alphabet), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Tim Cook (Apple), Jack Dorsey (Twitter/Square), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Reed Hastings (Netflix), and Marc Benioff (Salesforce)

Oh, and it is 2020, so remote work also factors in: “42% of parents have no intention of ever relocating,” the report says, but they are “very open to remote work.” But very few want to do more than two hours of daily video calls.




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