"The Same Game", Part 3 of 5: Adding Menus to Control Difficulty Levels

Adding Menus to Control Difficulty Levels

Welcome back! With our playable game in hand, we are now ready to polish off the game. In this article we'll focus on adding customizability to the game through menus, including adding difficulty levels. To do this, we'll update the menu that was included by the MFC Application Wizard, add new commands and set up event handlers for them. After some practice, the game with only three colors is pretty easy to solve so in this article we'll add new levels of difficulty. We can do this by simply adding more colors.

Menu Options

Adding a new menu option is done through the resource view. You can bring up the resource view from the View Menu in Visual Studio and then, Other Menus->Resource View or the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+E. This will bring up a window similar to what you see below.