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Temporal partners with Ethereum gateway Rivet to provide IPFS hosting

With modern tools and languages such as Golang and JavaScript, Temporal offers a free starter package featuring turnkey APIs, toolkits and storage to achieve enterprise-level scale and security without the need for expensive or cumbersome infrastructure...

Published by January 13, 2020

Temporal, an enterprise solution for distributed data storage, today announced it is partnering with Rivet to provide IPFS APIs and high-quality Web 3.0 infrastructure as its official IPFS hosting provider.

A provider of scalable IPFS infrastructure and developer tools, Temporal allows users to quickly build or plug into production-ready applications on top of IPFS. Temporal’s platform offers basic users powerful IPFS products such as pinning services w/ 3GB free, IPFS HTTP API proxy, TemporalX enterprise IPFS nodes, folder uploads, Amazon S3 Minio gateway and more.

Rivet is an Ethereum gateway service built on open source technology developed and maintained by the OpenRelay team. Rivet provides developers with endpoints that consistently deliver high-end performance and stability. Rivet is keen on offering its next-gen service at a price that meets or beats the cost of services provided by comparable current-generation services.

“While others run around our ecosystem’s most difficult technical challenges, feeding a never-ending, costly struggle to manage the complexity of the status quo at scale, the Temporal team delivers an elegant technological solution that neatly addresses the underlying difficulty of delivering scalable IPFS services. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with such a first-rate team, and we can’t wait to see what happens when their peerless tools are in the hands of developers everywhere.” – Greg Lang, CXO and Co-founder of OpenRelay — creators of Rivet

With Rivet, developers can make calls to the Ethereum blockchain via RPC, Websockets and GraphQL endpoints and see the kind of performance one might expect from more mature web2 APIs. Rivet can scale to meet the needs of any application, so developers can focus on building new features. Further, Rivet takes a privacy-first approach, gathering minimal data, and never selling or share it with 3rd parties.

“Infrastructure is one of the most critical layers of not only blockchain but any new emerging tech. It’s exciting to be joining forces with another team focused on this to help drive the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies by bringing real value and scalability to the ecosystem. We look forward to working with and creating new and exciting opportunities together.” – Derrick Foote, Founder and CEO of Temporal



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