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Tailoring Your Professional Skills for thePost-Pandemic World

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Photo Credit: Pexels

At this point, we’ve all heard the tried-and-true advice about tailoring your resume for the job

you’re applying for. Going forward, however, we’re going to also need to tailor our resumes for

the world we live in. After all, the post-COVID world just doesn’t look like the pre-COVID one in

some major, unignorable ways.

The Tech Platform is a great place to start when it comes to marketing yourself for the post-

pandemic world. This platform gives you the chance to virtually connect with other tech leaders

and creatives all over the world. Making a name for yourself here will help boost your position in

the industry, making you an attractive candidate. Here are some more ideas for boosting your

post-COVID resume:

Emphasize Remote Abilities

Remote work is more attractive now than ever before, for customers and companies alike:

  1. Experience working remotely (especially prior to the pandemic) will carry a lot of weight going forward.

  2. If you don’t have remote experience, consider picking up some freelance work you can use to test the waters.

  3. You can also point toward earning an advanced education via the web to show your ability to achieve without in-person supervision.

Highlight Adaptability and Creative Thinking

The pandemic has highlighted the value of adaptation:

  1. Keep close track of any changes you suggested or implemented to keep your team productive during the pandemic.

  2. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you think something can be done better than it currently is.

  3. Coordinate your resume and cover letter by dropping results in the resume, and expanding in your statement to the company.

Focus on Results Over Tasks

Some classic advice will still apply going forward:

  1. Achievements - especially those made since or during the pandemic - make a big impact on a resume.

  2. Quantitative results make a better impression than listed tasks. For example, rather than saying “Worked to reduce bugs in software” explicitly state how many bugs you caught and fixed over a given period.

  3. You can also point to any major fixes you were responsible for.

  4. Include any projects you were a part of, especially public-facing ones the potential employer can investigate further.

Tech workers are uniquely positioned to succeed in the post-COVID world. Not only is remote

work and virtual collaboration already a staple of the industry, but the tech world is poised to

define tomorrow’s market. If you’ve got the stuff - and you can show that to potential employers

- you’ll be an extremely attractive candidate.

Remember to connect with The Tech Platform for additional pertinent information and news in

your field!




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