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Show Or Hide Fields Using Rule In Nintex Forms On SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Welcome to an article on “Show or Hide Fields using rule in Nintex Forms on SharePoint 2013 & Office 365”. Today’s article will be used for every simple form you build on Nintex in SharePoint, so I would like to walk you through this functionality on Nintex.

Sometimes we require showing or hiding a file based on a Yes/No field or a check box. In this article we will see the same functionality using rules.

Let’s see how.

  • On your list or library ribbon, click on Nintex Forms.

  • You will reach the Nintex Designer View as per the screen below.

  • In our case, I have created a Enable/Disable a yes/no column check box with the default title field and on the selection of the check box will try to show the title field which will be hidden by default.

  • So, let’s add a rule.

  • On your right corner of the designer you will find a button Add Rule.

  • Click on it.

  • The below Rules bar will open.

  • On the bar, click on Add and configure your rule,

a. Name: Provide a name to the rule. b. Rule Type: As for our case it will be ‘Formatting’. c. Condition: Our condition will be not (EnableDisable) which means if my field is not check in, it should be a valid rule. d. We have checked in the ‘Hide’ check box so our field will be hidden unless the condition is valid.

  • Let’s publish the form now after making the changes.

  • Once you click on Publish, Click on Create New Item.

  • The screen below of the new form opens with the field hidden by default.

  • Now when you will check the Enable/Disable field check box,

  • The rule will apply and our Title field will become visible.

  • And it will apply vice versa when you check out.

Here you saw in this article how to show or hide fields based on yes /no check box. Keep reading articles and keep learning.

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