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[SHOT 2020] Revolutionary Roller Locks REV-5

Last summer we got a glimpse into some Revolutionary Rollerlocks. Well they are here at SHOT Show and have a final product. As you can see in the photos it is more modular and their REV5 has evolved.

  1. Removable lower hand guard (options available)

  2. Removable rear optics base (options available)

  3. 6061-T6 Aerospace quality extruded aluminum

  4. Full length accessory rail (options available)

  5. Precision CNC machined profile

  6. Return to zero capability

  7. Integrated cocking tube

  8. Chassis tension screws

The basic pistol starts off with a monolithic chassis. However they have moved on and makes a modular setup.They split the hand guard section so you can choose between a 6″ or 9″ lower hand guard. They even have an extended lower hand guard for running a laser without blocking sights.

Take a look at the photo above. Pay close attention to the empty rear section lacking picatinny. This is their modular rear end. They are developing an interchangeable optics mount system seen below.

  1. 6 chassis individually designed to prove the maximum strength, modularity and capability for a wide range of user requirements.

  2. Extruded from aerospace-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and precision CNC machined to meet our demanding specifications.

  3. Individually inspected and quality controlled at each stage of the construction process.

  4. Expanded accessory mounting and suppressor usage options with the larger inner diameter of the handguard system.

  5. Advanced Modularity On Demand (MOD) system that allows the user to change out both our newly invented rear optics base and lower handguard.

  6. Ability to create and produce additional mounting options with no modifications to the firearm.

  7. Expedited demand signal response for our customers with new products and accessories.

  8. Creation of the removable rear optics base to support Picatinny, M-LOK and our Universal Mini Red Dot sight mount.

  9. Elimination of the dreaded question, “What mount do I need to co-witness my optics?” Optics height adjustability can now be accomplished by the end user.

  10. Highly effective return-to-zero and anti-rotation locking system standard on each chassis.

  11. Removable lower handguard system with both lock up points integral to the chassis. No modification or tweaking necessary for positive engagement.

  12. Expanding line of removable lower handguards featuring M-LOK, Picatinny and direct over-bore mounting options for individual user customization.

Revolutionary Roller Locks are also working on an integrally suppressed SD design that is user serviceable. The barrel is MP5K length and then the rest is all suppressor.

The Rev-5 is up for preorder now for $2500. That is for the base model with the monolithic chassis. If you want the modular setups then it costs a bit more starting at $2800. Check out their website for more detailed information on how these are made. Revolutionary Roller Locks even has a Configurator, an online roller lock builder so you can digitally and virtually build your Rev-5.

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