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Sharing Of Site Collection On SharePoint Office 365

Sharing has always been an important part of SharePoint. Here in this version we have a new level of sharing where you can define your sharing from the site collection level.

Let’s see how.

  • Under the Site Collection section on the Admin Center, select a site collection and Click on Sharing.

  • You will be directed to the following page.


As I said, by clicking on this, you can control the sharing of your site collection and its entire sites from outside the organization. You can choose among the following,

a. Don’t allow sharing outside your organization. b. Allow external users who accept sharing invitations and sign in as authenticated users. c. Allow sharing with all external users, and by using anonymous access links.

It depend on you now, who will access your site.

  • Similarly you can also control allowing  non-owners to invite other users. This way you can have complete control on the site collection.

  • Click on Save and your configuration will be saved.

Here in this article we saw how SharePoint has made sharing stronger on Office 365.

Keep reading & keep learning!

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