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SharePoint Starter Kit (starter kit)

The SharePoint Starter Kit (starter kit) is a comprehensive solution designed for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 which provides numerous SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts, extensions, and other components, as well as PnP PowerShell driven provisioning which you can use as an example and inspiration for your own customizations.

We initially announced the original SharePoint Starter Kit back in SharePoint Conference 2018 and are happy to announce an updated version of this starter package for providing you guidance and examples on building modern portals with modern SharePoint experiences and to surface SharePoint Framework solutions in Microsoft Teams.

As part of the v2 release, there are numerous updates and changes on the provided solution as follows:

  • Individual web parts are packaged separately to enable them to take into use one-by-one – see individual solutions at source folder

  • Most of the web parts also work as a Microsoft Teams tabs or personal apps, so you can also surface them directly in Microsoft Teams

  • SharePoint 2019 is now also supported where suitable – for example all web parts using Microsoft Graph are only supported in SharePoint Online

  • Source code has been updated to more recent version of SharePoint Framework

  • Demonstration of updated technologies, like usage of Microsoft Graph Toolkit in suitable web parts

  • New sample layout based on the Look Book designs – notice that this is intended to just demonstrate the possibilities. Please use the Look Book site for further innovation on the designs with SharePoint portals

SharePoint Starter Kit is provided as a sample solution for you to take advantage in your own work. You can find this solution from GitHub.

Please see introduction to the SharePoint Starter Kit from following video.



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