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SharePoint Alerts – Create and Manage Alerts

SharePoint, the versatile collaboration platform, comes with a valuable feature called "Alerts" that keeps you in the loop whenever changes occur within your SharePoint site. This feature sends out email notifications or even text messages, ensuring you never miss important updates. Whether it's alterations to lists, document libraries, or specific items and documents, SharePoint alerts have got you covered.

Two Types of SharePoint Alerts

  1. SharePoint Document Level Alerts: These alerts are set up at the broader list or library level. They trigger notifications whenever any modifications are made to items or documents within the list or library.

  2. SharePoint Item Level Alerts: These alerts are more targeted, focusing on individual list items or specific documents. They're handy when you want to stay informed about changes to a particular piece of content.

Let's understand how to set up both list-level and item-level alerts in modern SharePoint sites.

Create a Document Level SharePoint Alerts

In a modern SharePoint Online, follow the below steps to create an alert for your documents, or lists:

STEP 1: Open the SharePoint documents, click on"" and then select "Alert me".

SharePoint Alerts - Select Alert me

STEP 2: A "Alert me when items change" dialog box will appear. Provide the necessary details, such as:

  1. Alert Title

  2. Send Alerts To

  3. Delivery Method

  4. Change Type

  5. Send Alerts for These Changes

  6. When to Send Alerts

SharePoint Alerts - Alert me when items change

SharePoint Alerts - Alert me when items change

STEP 3: Click OK.

Your SharePoint Alert is created.

STEP 4: In the Mail ID which you provided, will receive a notification just like a below image:

SharePoint Alerts - Email notification
Receiving SharePoint List Alerts

Now, whenever changes happen within the SharePoint list or document library, such as adding, modifying, or deleting items, you'll receive timely email notifications to keep you informed.

Test your SharePoint Alert

Now, I have delete one presentation from the documents in the SharePoint, so i receive an alert that the document has been deleted.

SharePoint Alerts - Delete notification

Create Item Level SharePoint Alerts

In the above section, the SharePoint Alert was created for the whole document list. But, if you want to create a SharePoint Alert for a particular document or a list, then just select the particular document or a list, then click on "..." and select "Alert me".

See the below image to understand the steps to do so:

SharePoint Alerts - create alert for a particular document

Then "Alert me when items change" dialog box will appear. After that provide the necessary details as discussed the previous section.

SharePoint Alerts - Alert me when items change

SharePoint Alerts - Alert me when items change

Then click OK.

Manage User Alerts in SharePoint Alert

Individual users can manage their alerts effortlessly by clicking on "Manage my alerts" from the list command bar.

SharePoint Alerts -  User Alert

A dialog box will appear. See the below image.

SharePoint Alerts - User Alert

For the SharePoint site owners, follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Open the SharePoint site settings page.

STEP 2: Under "Site Administration", click on User alerts.

SharePoint Alerts : Site Settings -> User Alert

STEP 3: Select the user and click on Update and it will display all the alerts from the particular user.

SharePoint Alerts - Display particular user alerts

STEP 4: You can select any user alert and can delete it.


SharePoint Alerts are your personalized assistants, ensuring that you're always up-to-date with the changes in your collaborative space. From broad list-level notifications to specific item-level alerts, SharePoint makes staying informed a breeze. So, dive into the world of SharePoint Alerts and experience seamless collaboration with all the updates you need at your fingertips.


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