Share big data at scale with Azure Data Share in-place sharing for Azure Data Explorer

Manoj Raheja Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

This post was co-authored by Jie Feng Principal Program Manager, and Sumi Venkitaraman Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Data Share is an open, easy, and secure way to share data at scale by enabling organizations to share data in-place or as a data snapshot. Microsoft Azure Data Explorer is a fast and highly scalable data analytics service for telemetry, time-series, and log data.

Fueled by digital transformation, modern organizations want to increasingly enable fluid data sharing to drive business decisions. Seamlessly sharing data for inter-departmental and inter-organizational collaboration can unlock tremendous competitive advantage. Maintaining control and visibility, however, remains an elusive goal. Even today, data is shared using File Transfer Protocols (FTPs), application programming interfaces (APIs), USB devices, and email attachments. These methods are simply not secure, cannot be governed, and are inefficient at best.

Azure Data Share in-place Sharing for Azure Data Explorer, now generally available, enables you to share big data easily and securely between internal departments and with external partners, vendors, or customers for near real-time collaboration.

Once data providers share data, recipients (data consumers) always have the latest data without needing any additional intervention. Additionally, data providers maintain control over the sharing