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Setup A Billing Alarm In AWS

Getting started:

  • Log in to AWS Console

  • Enter Username and Password

  • Go to services and go to Management & Governance

  • Search CloudWatch in Management & Governance

  • Click on Billing under Alarms section on the Left side bar

Here is the screenshot where you can find CloudWatch:

Here is a screenshot where you can find Billing and see running Alarms and can set up a new Alarm.

Click the Create Alarm button on the page's right side.

Click Select metric.

Click billing from AWS Namespaces

Click Total Estimate Change from Billing Metrics

Check the USD check box and click the Select metric button.

Select and specify metrics and conditions.

For example, I want to setup an Alarm for $1000 then enter 1000 in the USD textbox, so once usage goes above the given amount then you will get an alert email.

Enter $1000 in the USD text box and leave the rest as it is and click Next.

Given the screenshot, you need to set up notifications and SNS. Select create a new topic and enter a topic name and email address where you will get a notification and hit Create topic.

Next, you need to verify the SNS subscription from your Email.

After confirmation, add the Alarm name and description and click next to create an Alarm.

You can see Alarm status in the Alarm section that will run every 6 hours and if usage goes to over $1000, you will get an email alert.

The email should be like this:


In this article, we have learned how to set up a billing Alarm using CloudWatch and SNS on AWS.

Source: C# Corner



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