Selenium with C# : How to start running Automated Tests

The importance of automation testing cannot be overstated. Within narrow deadlines and changing customer demands hovering over them, QAs must automate numerous tests, test cases, and projects to meet said deadlines, save time, effort and get error-free results.

is undoubtedly the most popular tool for test automation. Quite often, Selenium needs to be used with C# and Visual Studio IDE together for a better-automated testing experience.

Using Selenium, C#, and Visual Studio together provides a unique opportunity to create a robust, scalable, and flexible automation framework. This article will discuss how to do exactly that.

What is C# ?

C# (also referred to as C Sharp) is a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. It enables developers to build many types of secure and robust applications that run in the .NET ecosystem. C# has its roots in the C family of languages and will be immediately familiar to C, C++, Java, and JavaScript programmers.

What is Visual Studio IDE?

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It provides rich development and testing experience with Intellisense, multiple programming language support, and easy debugging.

Using Visual Studio one can easily set up all configurations required for development and testing, write and run tests, and get instant results. This tool is quite easy to set up and use, even for beginners.

Visual Studio Community Version is completely free. One can download and enjoy the features of Visual Studio IDE seamlessly.

Getting Started with Selenium and C#

Before running a test with Selenium and C#, we need to complete the basic prerequisites.

  1. Install Visual Studio

  2. Create Selenium C# automation framework .NET Core 5.0 from scratch using Visual Studio

  3. Add Chromedriver to Selenium C# Project using Visual Studio