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Repository Pattern with AutoMapper in .Net Core

First Base Entity


second generic IRepository

implementation of IRepository

and inject IRepository in ConfigureServices

in-service layer

install AutoMapper

install AutoMapper.Extensions.ExpressionMapping

install AutoMapper.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection

install all this package from Nuget Package Manager

The first thing is to add base entity DTO

This interface will help us in AutoMapper.


IService Async

Implement IService

Third, you can make Services for each entity I will make IGroupService and

GroupService that will consume services and repository

and implement IGroupService

Inject services in ConfigureServcies Method

you can write some reflection code to get all services from the current assembly and inject it instead of add each time services

and add this line in ConfigureServices Method

don’t forget to add automapper configuration

First is Profile I write some reflection code to get all Dto and call the Mapping method this instead of writing all creatMap in profile so code is automatic.

and add call code in profile

AddExpressionMapping this method to map Expression<Func<>>

Add UniteOfWork

UI Layer

All code will find in GitHub

Source: Medium - Amrelsher

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