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Removing Web Part from SPFx Solution

You would have seen adding web parts to the SharePoint framework solutions. Here, let us see how to remove the web part from the SharePoint framework solution manually.

Web Part Files:

  • Navigate to your SPFx solution and the web parts folder inside it. (\src\webparts\)

  • Locate your web part folder and delete it. (This will delete all the files created for your web part)

Configuration File Entries:

  • Next, web part bundle needs to be removed from the config file (config.json).

  • In the config.json, locate your web part entry and remove the same. 

  • Similarly remove the localization file entry from the config file. 

For example, helloworld web part entry will look like,



"HelloworldWebPartStrings": "lib/webparts/helloworld/loc/{locale}.js" // Remove this line


"helloworld-web-part": {

"components": [


"entrypoint": "./lib/webparts/helloworld/helloworldWebPart.js",





Library Files:

  • Corresponding files should also be removed from the library folder.

  • Navigate to /lib/webparts/ folder in the solution. Locate your web part and delete the same.



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