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Quantum Computer : What are Quantum Computers Made Of? Pros and Cons of Quantum Computers.

Quantum computing is an awe-inspiring technology for super-fast data processing. It is a powerful non-AI tool that can help AI with its development. Using quantum mechanics, these computers are much, much more powerful and capable than even some of the most advanced supercomputers. Such an incredible technology needs to be studied and assessed in order to know more about its known and unknown capabilities for the future. Quantum computers do not have a set architectural model or type. There are several types of quantum computers that have been built in the past. Here, we will see the components of a layered quantum computing architecture. Each layer, or functional group, contains multiple quantum computing hardware components.

Assessing each layer will allow us to understand how a quantum computer works and which parts constitute its main architecture.

1. Application Layer

The application layer is not a physical—or quantum computing hardware—part of a quantum computer itself but is a key element of the system nonetheless. The application layer facilitates the creation of relevant algorithms for quantum computers by providing a user interface, a programming environment, an operating system and so on for the various quantum computing hardware components. Such algorithms may be a combination of classical and quantum computing. This layer is not dependent on the hardware layers beneath it.

2. Classical Processing Layer

This functional group compiles the quantum algorithm before compiling it into microinstructions. The processing unit of a quantum computer must carry out these instructions. Essentially, the classical processing layer facilitates the fine-tuning of the quantum computing hardware layers present below it.

3. Quantum Processing Unit

This is made up of three different—digital, quantum and analog—processing layers. Together these three layers form what is known as the quantum processing unit or the QPU, the CPU equivalent of a quantum computer. The digital processing layer translates the microinstructions created by the classical processing unit into pulses, which in turn will be used to manipulate qubits, the basic unit of quantum information, and enabling them to act like quantum logic gates. Amongst its other tasks, this layer also provides the measurement results of quantum calculations so that the classically generated results and the quantum ones can be compared.

The analog processing layer creates signals for qubits and, in the long run, facilitates computation on the basis of the running of the quantum algorithm. And finally, the quantum processing layer, which needs to be kept at freezing temperature in quantum computers, holds the qubits. Cryogenics is involved in the storage of qubits.

As of today, quantum computers still occupy a niche category in the field of computing because of their exorbitant costs of implementation and maintenance. However, the fast data processing capabilities of the computer means that, in the near future, it could be used extensively to bolster mainstream business operations.

Advantages of Quantum Computers:

Faster computations:-

These type of computers can perform computation at a much faster rate than normal computers. Quantum computers have computation power higher than supercomputers also. They can process data at 1000 times faster than normal computers and supercomputers. Some calculations if performed by a normal computer can take 1000 years is done by quantum computers in a few seconds.

Best for simulation:-

Quantum computers are best for doing data simulation computing. There are many algorithms created that can simulate various things like weather forecasting, chemical simulation etc.

Medicine creation:-

These type of computers can work better in the medical field. They can detect diseases and can create a formula for medicines. Different type of diseases can be diagnosed and tested in scientific laboratories using these computers.

Google search:-

Quantum computers are used by Google to refine searches. Now every search on Google can speed up by using these computers. Most relevant results can be populated using quantum computing.

High privacy:-

These computers can make high encryption and is good at cryptography. It is impossible to break the security of quantum computers. Recently China has launched a satellite that uses quantum computing and china claimed that this satellite cannot be hacked.

Used in radar making:-

Quantum computing is also used in making radar missiles. The accuracy of radar weapons can be improved by using this technology.

Used in artificial intelligence:-

These type of computers perform well in artificial intelligence. They can make decisions more precisely than normal computers. Scientists can do better research using these computers.

Machine learning:-

Quantum computing is applied nicely by using machine learning techniques. Users can use less code and uses machine learning process for improving outcome.

Disadvantages of Quantum Computers:

Algorithm creation:-

For every type of computation, it needs to write a new algorithm. Quantum computers cannot work as classical computers, they need special algorithms to perform tasks in their environment.

The low temperature needed:-

As the processing in these computers is done very deeply so it needs a temperature of negative 460 degrees F. This is the lowest temperature of the universe and it is very difficult to maintain that temperature.

Not open for public:-

Due to the high range price they are not available for public use. Also, the errors in these type of computers are high because they are still in the development phase. Quantum computers work fine in 10 qubits but after increasing qubits like 70 qubits, the accuracy is not right. There are experiments already going on to make the results of these computers precise.

Internet Security:-

It is assumed by the scientists that if a quantum computer is implemented in the best way then whole internet security breaks. This is due to the facts that these computers can decrypt all the codes on the internet.

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