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PowerShell Script To Remove Office 365 Users From CSV Input


In this blog, we will learn how to write a PowerShell script which will read principal user name from the CSV file and remove those users from Office 365 account.

Step 1

a. Connect Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell.

b. Use the following code snippet to connect with Office 365 tenant.

$UserCredential = Get-Credential      

Connect-AzureAD -Credential $UserCredential    

Step 2

a. Execute the following script.

b. Below is a screenshot for my CSV file.

$sInputFile = "D:\deleteuser.csv"

$sColumnName = "UserPrincipalName" $tblDatos = Import - CSV $sInputFile  foreach($fila in $tblDatos)   


"Deleting user " + $fila.$sColumnName.ToString()      

Write - Host - ForegroundColor Yellow "User staring to deleter"     


Remove - MsolUser - UserPrincipalName 


Write - Host - ForegroundColor Yellow 

$fila.$sColumnName "Deleted........"     




c. It will ask for confirmation for deleting every user.

d. Press "Yes".


This is how we can use PowerShell script to delete multiple users from Office 365.



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