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Power BI Embedded Step by Step Series

Updated: Mar 27, 2019


Welcome to Power BI Embedded Step by Step series. Myself Dhruvin Shah. The entire series is dedicated to the Intermediate level of Power BI folks. The series covers step by step guide to embed the Power BI report in any third-party custom application or SaaS application.

The developers who have beginner level knowledge of Power BI and ASP.Net, can learn the tutorial of this Power BI Embedded.

The entire Power BI Embedded Tutorial series is divided into 7 video series.

Part 1

During the first part of the series we will give you an overview about What is Power BI Embedded? You will get an idea about the software’s or licenses needed to develop the Power BI Embedded for the organization.

There are different OOTB ways to embed the Power BI reports into third party application like:

  • Publish to Web

  • Embed Power BI report securely

  • Embed Report to SharePoint Online

Here, I will explain why we need to go for the code-based approach for the Embedding.

There are two approaches for Power BI Embedded.

  1. Power BI Embedded with Azure App Function and JavaScript

  2. Power BI Embedded with ASP.NET SDK (MVC Application) and JavaScript API

Part 2

During the second part of the series we have discussed about some common steps and approach that is going to be used to implement Power BI Embedded solution.

Part 3

During the third part of the series, we will register Power Bi application to our Azure Portal. Once the Application has been registered to the Azure AD, we will assign the Windows Active Directory and Power BI service permissions.

Part 4

After registering the application, we will walk you through our first Power BI embedding approach which is, Azure App function and JavaScript based approach. We will create Azure Function App in the fourth part of the video series.

Part 5

At last in the Fifth step of the video series, we will create our HTML page and call the Azure Function App using POST method of AJAX. The report will be embedded to our third-party application page.

So, from the First five video of the series will cover the most common approach to embed the Power BI report into any third-party application using Azure Function App and JavaScript Model.

Part 6

The video series sixth and seventh covers our second approach which is ASP.NET and JavaScript API

The sixth video covers some common steps which we need to perform to start the development of custom code for our .NET Application using C#.

Part 7

During the seventh video of this series, we will develop the custom ASP.NET MVC application to Embed Power BI report in the ASP.Net application using C#. We will use APPS OWN data approach during the entire video series.

This is how you can easily embed your Power BI report in any third party custom application.

Hope you will love this entire video series. Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback with me.

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