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Posting SharePoint Items As Conversations In Microsoft Teams

Here, let us see how to push the items from SharePoint into the Microsoft Teams Channels as conversations using Microsoft Flows. This is simple, straight-forward, and out of the box approach. Microsoft Flow eases our job with out of the box configuration.

Consider a business scenario - whenever an item is created in the SharePoint repository, it has to be pushed into Microsoft Team’s Channel for discussion. The following steps will help you in configuring the flow out of the box.


Assuming, the connections for teams and SharePoint services are being available in the Microsoft Flow portal. If not already created, you will be prompted to provide the account details when configuring the SharePoint or the Microsoft Teams components in the below steps. You can provide different or the same account details. The accounts to the SharePoint or Microsoft teams can also be configured on the Microsoft Flows portal by navigating to the connections component.

Steps involved

  • Create a list in the SharePoint site.Create a channel in the Microsoft teams.Login to the Microsoft flows.

a. Select the SharePoint service - "when an item is created" template.

b. Provide the site details and list details.

c. Click on New Step - Add an action option.

d. Search for Microsoft teams and select it.

e. Select Post Message option.From the drop down select the Microsoft Teams ID, Channel ID, and Message to be posted.

f. Here, message to be posted can be customized.

g. Click on the message text box and select the SharePoint item field by adding dynamic content. (picture shown below)

  • Save the flow. 

Test the Flow

  1. Login to the SharePoint site and navigate to the list.

  2. Create an Item à Provide some data and save it.

  3. Login to the Microsoft Teams and navigate to the channel provided in the configuration.

  4. You can see the item created in the SharePoint list, posted as a conversation in the Team’s channel.


Thus, you have seen the process of configuring the Microsoft flow to post items from SharePoint list into Microsoft Team channels.



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