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Picture Library Slideshow Web Part in SharePoint 2010

Picture Library Slideshow web part is an out-of –the-box web part which is used to create a slideshow.

Steps Involved:

  • Go to the SharePoint site.

  • Go to Site Actions => Edit the Page.

  • In the ribbon interface, go to Editing Tools => Insert => Web Part.

  • In the Categories, select Media and Content => Picture Library Slideshow Web Part.

  • Click on Add.

  • You can configure the web part as shown in the following.

  • Duration to Show Picture (seconds) The amount of seconds before a new picture will appear.

  • Picture library Select the picture library.

  • Library view Select the view.

  • Picture Display Mode Show the pictures in random or sequential order.

  • Display with The pictures can be shown with the title and description.

  • Show toolbar A toolbar can be shown for selecting the next or previous picture or to stop the slideshow.

Picture Library Slideshow

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