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OctoMaze Review

Who’s the bad guy here?

In “OctoMaze” by Octagon Game Studio, you start off with a mean looking Octopus burrowing its frightening tentacles deep into the ground in order to steal shiny medals.

But wait – never judge a book by its cover! In fact, and that’s the true sub-story, you slip into the role of the young octopus “Aristotle” who tries to retrieve holy artifacts that were stolen long ago by disgusting parasites.

Well played, guys! Let’s see if the game looks great at first – or also at second sight.

Great Idea, Great Setting

I like the interesting story and I also take my hat off to every developer who tries to feed mobile games with a bit more substance. Plus, the whole audiovisual setting is perfectly done. I adore both the great background music and the top-notch graphics. Especially the octopus and its tentacles look amazing – and you can even unlock more skins for it.

No Riddle is too difficult for Aristotle.

Show me what you’ve got!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This fashionable slogan has its roots in the bible and no matter if you believe in God or not: There is absolutely no good in hiding your qualities from the world. Same with “OctoMaze”.

Do you think I know about Aristotle and its crusade from a cool intro video? Nope, I’ve read in the game description on Google play.

Do you think the game somehow praised their cool customization shop? Nope, I’ve only found it by accident while clicking through the menus'.

Do you think I’ve learned about the controls in a well-done tutorial? Nope, I have been thrown in at the deep end. There wasn’t even an intro screen. Come on, guys! Where’s the sense in hiding your goodies? The game has almost everything you can probably wish for, there is just a certain lack of presentation.




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