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OctoMaze Game Review

OctoMaze is an indie puzzle game where you play as a Giant Octopus using your tentacles reaching coins and switches inside a maze. The goal of the game is simple, get all the required items for each maze.

OctoMaze Gameplay

As you progress, the level of difficulty gets harder. Every level has different mindblowing challenges. There are stages that you need to reach the right switch combination just to get the coin while traps, enemies, and obstacles are all over the place.

I am currently stuck on the 8th stage and can’t figure out how to solve the maze. Every time I try to reach the gold coin; I always get caught by the enemy attack or killed by traps. I even asked help from my friend to figure this stage out for me but he also failed.

The cartoonish graphics of OctoMaze made the game awesome. You will see the octopus’ eyes moving on the direction you are manoeuvring his tentacles on the maze which is a great detail for the game. The coins you’ve collected can be used to purchase different skin of the octopus.

Having a tempered glass on your mobile device might cause issues with the controls. I have played the game my Samsung S8 with tempered glass and felt that the controls are jerky.  The response rate of the controls is delayed if I drag my finger in a different direction. I then tried using my friend’s mobile device which use a screen protector to test the game controls and found a huge difference compared to my mobile device.

There are also times that you will drag your finger until the end of the screen if you are trying to reach an object from end to end. It may be uncomfortable but somehow manageable. Playing OctoMaze on a tablet is recommended so you can maximize using the game screen when swiping.

I have only played the demo version of OctoMaze which only last up to the first 15 levels. I’m quite impressed with the mechanics and uniqueness of the gameplay. This is a perfect game for people who are looking for brain teasers.

You can play the full version of the game for just $3.99



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